"Mirror Mirror": Non-Player Characters

The Elders

  • Eric: King of Amber, Eric rules with a heavy hand, and some say, a heavy heart. Even with Corwin banished back into shadow and presumed dead, and Bleys under constant watch, the crown seems to sit uneasily on his brow, and he brooks no dissention, either from his siblings or the denizens of Amber.

  • Deirdre: Thought lost to the Abyss, until she returned to Amber months after Patternfall, broken, bleeding and silent. Even now she rarely speaks, except in support of her brother's rule. She stands at his side as enforcer and confidant, the only one of his siblings that Eric appears to trust.

  • Bleys: Upon his return to Amber some years after Eric's ascension to the throne, Bleys spent seven years imprisoned by Eric's command for his role in Corwin's failed coup. Released only after Gerard's dogged campaign for his freedom, Bleys has settled in a quiet corner of the city, and is under the constant watch of Eric's agents, and not allowed to leave the environs of the city.

  • Random: After Oberon's funeral, Random returned to Rebma. But he suddenly returned to Amber one day and never left again, not even to go below the sea. He spends most of his time carousing in the city. There is no love lost between him and Eric, and like Bleys, Eric's agents keep a close eye on his every move.

  • Fiona: Fiona seems content with the status quo, as long as Eric leaves her to her own devices. She avoids all contact with Bleys, but has been known to speak in his defense, even to Eric. It says a great deal about their relationship that she can do so without any apparent fear of reprisal.

  • Gerard: Gerard maintains the Navy for Eric, though out of loyalty to Amber, and not his brother. He is the only one of the siblings who openly associates with Bleys. He has suffered for this, but in his stalwart way refuses to stop.

  • Mirelle: Quiet, fragile Mirelle, who nursed Deirdre after her return to Amber, is seemingly devoted to her older sister, and acts as a lady-in-waiting to her. She avoids Eric though, who sees her as weak and useless, and taunts her cruelly.

  • Caine: Caine is a quiet in Amber, as Eric is holding his daughter hostage, both as punishment for his betrayal, and as insurance against any other action.

  • Lewella: Lewella is a rare sight in Amber, only coming above the ocean for matters of state between the two realms.
  • The Children

  • Elspeth: Mirelle's daughter, the youngest of the cousins, at seven. No one knows who her father is.

  • Devon: Fourteen year old Devon is the son of Random and Vialle. He has been fostered to Eric by Queen Moins, some assume to spite Random, for abandoning Devon and Vialle.

  • Morgan:
  • Nathan:
  • Others of Note

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