"amber: the forest for the trees"
amber: the forest for
the trees

the props: artifacts and objects of power

The Crown of Concession: a heavy iron crown with six peaks, each topped with a precious stone. A piece of the royal regalia.

Greyswandir: King Corwin's rapier. It is rumored to have magical properties.

The Jewel of Judgement: A large red ruby of mysterious origin, it is one of the most famous pieces of the royal regalia and is worn on only the most formal of state occasions.

The Morning Star:

The Pattern: A mysterious magical artifact, known to be kept deep in the bowels of the castle. No one is sure exactly what it does, but it is said only those of the Royal blood can use it.

The Sceptre of Unification: a wooden rod of two feet, gilt with gold and silver in intricate design. Another piece of the royal regalia.

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