"Amber: The Forest for the Trees" NPCs
amber: the forest for
the trees

shadow: the lands between

Avalon: The shadow-home of Prince Benedict.

Avernus: the shadow from which Corwin and Bleys began their initial attack on Eric and Amber.

Begma: one of the three most influential kingdoms in the Golden Circle.

Cabra: A small island off the coast of Amber, home to a lighthouse.

Earth: The shadow where Corwin was imprisoned for over 400 years, until he regained his memory.

Eregnor: A disputed realm in the Golden Circle. Both Begma and Kashfa have laid claim to it.

The Golden Circle: A loose confederation of near-Amber shadows who are allied mostly through trade.

Kashfa: One of the most influential kingdoms in the Golden Circle, it has long been at odds with Begma over the disposition of Eregnor.

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