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setting and style
Imagine an Amber full of magic and mystery, an Amber where Patternfall never happened, where Corwin took the Jewel from Eric as he died and proclaimed himself King, as he thought his father Oberon had wanted...
character creation
All player characters will start out with 80 base points to create their characters. Detailed rules for character creation are here.

All player characters in this game will start out as children of commoners or nobles in Amber, and can be no older than 30. Certain powers will only be allowed dependent on background (i.e. sorcery is a skill taught only to those of noble birth - commoners can learn hedge magic (or in rare cases, faery magic), but are not likely to be able to afford someone to teach them sorcery).

Player characters would know the royal family only as well as their rank would allow. Someone from a high ranking noble family has likely met some in formal Court, but would not know them in any sort of personal manner. Those of more common roots usually only see them during festivals or processions, and know only gossip and rumor of their lives.

To the player characters, the royal family has the aura of myth and legend.

attributes and powers

  • Endurance: taking physical damage, going without food, sleep, etc., trying to drink someone under the table.
  • Strength: lifting, causing physical damage, resisting magical attacks that affect the body (levitation, etc.).
  • Quickness: acrobatics, swordplay, stealth, speed.
  • Willpower: resisting psychic attacks, or magical attacks that affect the mind, resisting interrogation, torture...
  • Intelligence: working through problems, noticing things.
  • Powers: Powers marked with an "*" are not available to player characters at creation. Some powers can be bought in stages.

  • * Pattern
  • * Trump
  • * Shapeshifting
  • * Demonology
  • Faery magic (15 points)
  • Hedge magic (10 points)
  • Sorcery (20 points)
  • Summoning (10/20 points)
  • Extras
  • Action Logs
  • Diaries
  • Trumps
  • Webpages
  • Background
  • good stuff
  • Allies
  • Good Luck
  • Danger sense
  • Fae affinity
  • Mysterious Guardian
  • Favors
  • bad stuff
  • Enemies
  • Ill Luck
  • Dark Secret
  • Phobia
  • Illiterate
  • Physical Disabilty
  • Advancement
    Advancement will be plot and character driven, and will not happen on a regluar basis. Advancement points come from contribution submissions, and from in-character role-play.

    last updated 3/3/00

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