"amber: the forest for the trees"
amber: the forest for
the trees

places of legend

The Black Road: A malignant place, somewhere in Arden, that is said to be the result of dark magics used against King Eric during his reign.

The Keep of the Four Worlds: legend speaks of a place in shadow where four worlds intersect, creating a magical fount. Many adventurers have tried to seek this place along the shadow paths, but none have ever returned.

The Stairs to Heaven: The mystical stairway that appears only during the full moon, and leads to Tir na'Nogth, the city in the sky. It is said that the base of this staircase is hidden by faery glamour, and indeed, no one has ever been able to find it.

Ygg: The mysterious ancient ash tree that is said to mark the border between Amber and Chaos. Also known as the Tree of Life, legend says it was planted by the god Silvanus, and that the royal scepter was made from one of its branches.



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