"amber: the forest for the trees"
amber: the forest for
the trees

player characters

The years weighed heavy on him now.
The time was right, yet he wonder'd how
To lift the curse he once had placed
And bring those veiled by shadowed lies
Into the sight of blinded eyes

  • Baran Greatbow: A captain in Lord Julian's Rangers, he is also a renowned hunter and archer. Golden-haired and ice-blue eyed, his fair skin browned by years outdoors and hardened by a spartan life, the lines on the still-young face are those of sun and wind. A short blond beard and moustache soften the fierce features. He dresses in rugged clothing of forest greens and greys, and his beaten cloak gives testament to many nights spent with no other shelter. A tall bow of golden wood and surpassing craftsmanship rests lightly in his hand, and the smile of a confident man rests lightly on his lips. Played by Scott Nolan

  • Bran Mac Arden: A scullery boy living at The Raging Boar Inn. He is a foundling, and was adopted by the Inn's proprietor and his wife, though he dreams of greatness as a Knight of the Realm or a Ranger. Bran stands aproximately seventeen hands tall and weighs near thirteen stone. (5'8", 175#) He has long dark brown hair that has a tendancy to collect leaves, grass, and twigs. His eyes are the dark brown of the wood's rich soil. His clothing is nothing elaborate, but when he has the chance to decide, he tends toward greens and browns. His only distinguishing features are a leaf shaped birthmark and his ever-present smile. Played by Kris Kunkel

  • Cuilean "Mac" MacTeague: A former Ranger who was cast out due to his addiction to 'faery dust', he now scrapes out a living in the lower quarters of the city. Cuilean is a medium sized man, about 5' 10" or so, and strongly built (despite a growing paunch around his waist). His red hair and beard are flecked with the occasional grey hair. A pair of deep green eyes bear a constant haunted look. His clothing is eternally unkempt and dirty, from nights spent sleeping in the gutters of the city. A worn and battered longsword is his most obvious accoutrement, but he carries at least one knife hidden in his raiments. Played by Andrew Theisen

  • Jape (trump): A man of the stage, an acrobat and clown. Jape without his 'face' stands 5'4" bent over, and the large hump on his back insures that he stays that way all the time. As an actor he often portrays different people and to help with this he shaves... his whole head, upper chest and arms. His face has become pitted and appears lumpy because of the constant use of his thick stage makeup making his already homely features hideous. Coupled with his dark complexion and unusually long and muscular arms it gives him his name, Jape= Giant+ape. Jape usually wears a wig and facepaint at all times to conceal his 'natural' looks. So you would more than likely meet him with his face 'on'. With his 'face' on Jape stoops lower to almost 5' even which seems to push the hump out into the faces of those he talks to. Most often he wears a brown wig cut in a pageboy style and a patchwork cloak over tattered mis-sized finery. He also carries a broken riding crop with a small crystal on the end. Played by Kyle Wagers

  • Kurt Renard: A young man trying to make a name for himself after taking over the family private investigation business. Played by Sol Foster

  • Liam Antilles: A young nobleman, whose family is involved in the merchant trade. Liam is about 5' 11", 180lbs., with very black, black hair (almost blue when the light hits just right). He has steel gray eyes, with just a few flecks on gold. A thin and athletic build, not muscular or beefy. He prefers the colors blue, green, and gray, wearing cloth when is working his experiments, silk to festive occasions, and leathers when he's out exploring. He seems perpetually pre-occupied, with a lopsided grin predominantly displayed on his face. Played by Jack Kessler

  • Lady Lucille Feldane: Eldest child of Lord Feldane, and possible heir the House. She's quite tall and sufficiently attractive to ensure that, even though she makes no effort to flatter her appearance, she is above average pretty. Her long blond hair is usually tied severely back to prevent her curls getting in the way while she's reading. Her hazel eyes are usually used to look down her nose at people. Played by Claire Bickell

  • Lovell: A young private in the City Watch, new to the City of Amber. Since the day he step off the ship and joining the Watch, this tall, brown hair and heavily muscular man has become a thorn in the side of many of the less savory elements in town. Known for both dealing out damage with his meaty fists and taking it in many of the bar fights he has broken up in the past. Within the City Watch, Lovell keeps to himself and rarely talks about his past. A loner by nature, Lovell patrols the streets mostly by himself, always keeping a eye on the sky. Played by Dana Byer

  • Prydwyn: A young girl, no more the 15 of age. She lives in a small hobble on the border of Arden. She is new to the area it seems, but already has made a name for herself, in the way of the beauty of her landscape paintings. She is about 5' 4", 100 lbs, short straight black hair. Fair complexion, wears usually brown riding suit, and rather well dressed, for her station. Played by Mark Naber

  • Sebastian duMorial (trump): A rich, young nobleman and a student of the Occult, he is the adopted son of Alfric duMorial. His skin is always pale, no matter how much time he spent out doors (which was little enough, honestly), and his eyes are a silver-blue color that no human's ever were. Played by David Goodner

  • Taelsin Snowdyn (trump): A former ranger, driven out for a mistake he did not commiat, Taelsin now makes his living by removing problems and working for some of the less savory sides of Amber. Taelsin is around six foot five. Taelsin: Six foot five. His hair is white and hangs around his shoulders. He is meticulously clean shaven. His deep blue eyes tend to fix on objects and people as if they are absorbing everything about their focus. He is muscular and well built from years of hard work and exercise. Taelsin tends to frown but it is apparent that once his face was much more used to laughter and smiles. He moves with determined grace and confidence. His clothes tend to favor the colors of dark browns, forest oranges and grays. When he speaks his voice is sturdy and powerful but give the impression that you have to listen carefully or you will not hear what he is saying.Played by Cass Bucher

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