"amber: the forest for the trees"
amber: the forest for
the trees

the others: the gods and creatures of amber

The Dryads: The tree fae who inhabit the forests of Kolvir and Arden. They are descended of the Sidhe.

The Gwyllion: the mountain fae who make the rocks and paths of Kolvir their home. They are descended of the Sidhe.

Herne: The great Horned God who is said to haunt the wilds of Arden Forest.

The Naiades: the fae who inhabit the rivers and pools of Amber. They are descended of the Sidhe.

Llyr: The god of the sea, and the patron god of the kingdom of Rebma.

Obeiron: The legendary king of the faery, for whom Amber's king Oberon was named, according to legend. He has not been seen since Queen Titania fled the Seelie Court.

The Selkies: the lovely and shy shapechagers of the sea, who can change their forms between human and seal. They are descended of the Sidhe.

The Seelie Court: According to legend, it was the Seelie Court who first inhabited Amber (and were later driven into hiding by the encroaching human populations). They are considered the 'pure' faery race, and for the most part have kept to themselves. They are reputed to be magical beings of great power, and are held in awe and fear by the common citizens who live on the outer edges of the Vale of Garnath. They are known to live in Arden Forest, but no one has ever found the seat of the Seelie Court. And few have ever returned from the attempt. Legend says that the woods of Arden are bound to protect them. Only Lord Julian, brother of the King, and his Rangers seem exempt from this covenant. They are led by a Queen, Aeval, who is said to be a daughter of Titania and Obeiron. She has a son, Prince Melwas, who has occasionally come to Amber's Court on his mother's behalf.

The Sidhe: the faery races directly descended from Obeiron and Titania, king and queen of the First Seelie Court. In appearance, they are tall and slim (though height does vary), with pale skin, large, brightly colored eyes and elegantly tipped ears. Legend states that the Seelie Court was divided when their Queen, Titania, fled her husband and made her home in Tir no'nogth. Some of her children followed her, but many stayed behind - some intermingling with the humans who had come. Some intermingled with other, older spirits, and became the Naiades, the Selkies, the Dryads, etc.

Silvanus: The god of the forests, protector of the fae folk.

Titania: The first faery queen, who legend states lives in the twilight sky kingdom of Tir na'nogth.

The Unseelie Court: There is a legend of a court of dark, evil faeries, but no one has ever seen them, and it is taboo to speak of them to any faery or fae creature.

The Wild Men: a band of were-creatures who make Arden their home.

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