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So in his rage he'd laid a curse,
Fabled now in song and verse.
A blight upon the family's sight
For sins that once their father'd wrought;
He'd damned them all, his lesson taught.

the royal court | the lords and ladies | the knights of the realm | the rangers | the common folk | the fey folk

the royal court
His Majesty Corwin Barimen, King of Roses: who slew the mad King Eric, and took the throne of Amber as his own.

Queen Caer: Wife of Corwin and mother of Finnevar and Valerian, she is known for her great beauty and grace.

Prince Finnevar: son of Corwin and Crown Prince of Amber, Finnevar is a rakish young man with a keen mind and a sharp eye. trump

Prince Valerian: Corwin's younger son, Valerian is much the opposite of his rake-hell elder brother.

Lord Julian: the cold and icy rider of the great Morgenstern, he resides on the outskirts of Arden with his sworn knights, and patrols the few roads through Arden that lead to Amber. He is rarely seen in the city. trump

Cessairea: daughter of Julian, she is known to be a student of magic, and spends much of her time with Fiona. trump
Lord Gerard: the jovial giant, who commands the navy of Amber from his flagship, the Unicorn's Horn.

Talitha: daughter of Gerard, it is rumored her mother was one of the fey folk. She is usually called by her nickname, 'Tallie'. trump
Lady Fiona: a powerful and feared sorceress, she spends much of her time in her tower rooms in the castle.

Lady Dierdre: the raven haired sister of the king, she is a close advisor to the crown, and the city's peacekeeper in her position as Overseer of the City Watch.

Garth: Dierdre's son, he can often be seen in the company of Dylan and Finnevar.
Lord Random: the wily younger brother of the King, he is one of Corwin's closest advisors.

Everest: Son of Random and the blind Rebman woman Vialle, he has joined the Navy under Gerard.
Lady Flora: known for her beauty and her keen eye for elements of society, she keeps to herself on all matters of the Crown.

Dylan: Son of Flora and the younger brother of Lord Feldane, Dylan is a dilettante whose primary pastimes are his horses and assisting Finnevar in causing trouble. trump
Lady Lewella: hailing from Rebma, she is the primary liason between the Amber and the watery kingdom.

Dworkin, the motley fool, who holds the place of Court Jester. It is said he was once a great sorcerer, but his mind was broken and he now speaks only sensless riddles.

Lord Caine: the full brother of Julian and Gerard, he has been missing for some years.

Lord Bleys: who fought with King Corwin in the second invasion against then-King Eric, he has not been seen since he fell from the cliffs of Kolvir during the battle. trump

Lord Brand: the full brother to Fiona and Bleys, he has been missing for some years.

the lords and ladies
Lord Wallace Bayle: Head of House Bayle, which is well known for its vinyards.

Lord Kendall Chantris:

Lord Victor Feldane: Lucille's father and Head of House Feldane, which has interests in the production and trade of fine quality fabrics and also in finance. He is involved in the finance side of the family's business, from providing backing for merchants, to financing one side or the other of a war (never both, or course). They are known to be one of the most loyal houses to the Crown, in part due to their ties by marraige to the Royal family.

Lady Marina Feldane: Lucille's mother. A clever woman who has a finger in every pie when it comes to Amber noble society. She's always up to date on gossip, and treats all her friends like a carefully cultivated spy ring.

Sophina Feldane: Lucille's younger sister. Sophie is uninterested in learning anything, unless it's to her immediate advantage, and lives to enjoy herself. She loves all the things Lucille hates or has most contempt for. Sophina was always more willing to please their parents, and consequently succeeded.

Lord Vance Feldane: Lord Victor's younger brother, he is married to Lady Flora, and is the father of Dylan. With the recent death of Victor's son, Marco, he is next in line as heir to the House, and has spent the last few years working with his brother on such matters.

Lord Rein:

Lord Ingram:

Lord Alfric duMorial: Adopted father of Sebastian and Head of a minor noble house, House du'Morial Age 65, red hair, green eyes. Alfric is a tall, broad-shouldered man with a warrior's bearing and a hunting cat's cunning. He usually wears clothing of red and gold, and dresses in clothing as close to armor as he can get away with. His doublets are always leather, and he wears a breastplate if at all possible.

Yvonne duMorial: Alfric's wife and Sebastian's mother. Age 50, blond hair, blue eyes. Yvonne is thin and willowy, with a sort of fragile grace. Sadness lingers in her eyes, but is usually masked by a warm demeanor. She prefers to wear the flowing silks of her home shadow, often in green and white. For formal functions, she will wear the family colors instead. Yvonne is afflicted with a lingering illness, the result of a difficult pregnancy. She tires easily, and is given to fits of coughing.

Egwynn duMorial: Sebastian's younger sister. Age 15, blond hair, green eyes. Egwynn is an interminably cute girl with a mercurial personality. She prefers to dress in clothing of green, and of more revealing cut than Sebastian is really comfortable with. Egwynn has recently started to cut a swath through the young male population of Amber. trump

Ulric duMorial: Sebastian's uncle. He was one of the chief opponents of Sebastian's adoption, since he already had a son who might have inherited the family holdings if Alfric had died without an heir.

Jerod du'Morial: Jerod is Ulric's son. He is a fine swordsman, and leads a Lance of the Red Guard. He is a connoisseur of the art of dueling, and bears several scars from the pursuit of his art.

Lord Aengus MacTeague: Head of House MacTeague, a minor noble holding. He ascended to Head of house when his father Garret died of a heart condition three years ago. He is Mac's older brother.

Maura MacTeague: Mac's mother, she is not entirely in her right mind.

Darragh MacTeague: Another of Mac's elder brothers, he is an officer in the Navy, serving aboard the White Hart.

Tara MacTeague: Mac's younger sister, whom he adores. trump

Lord Ryan Antilles: Liam's father, and head of House Antilles, Amber's oldest noble merchant house.

Baron Llewellyn Snowdyn: Taelsin's father.

Llewellyn Snowdyn: Eldest son of Baron Snowdyn. He does not hold his brother in high regard.

Edwin Snowdyn: A captain in the Royal Navy. The second eldest.

Gent Snowdyn: One of Taelsin's elder sisters.

Pwyll: She is only two years older than Taelsin. She is now married to a landed knight and has three children of her own.


the knights of the realm
Sir Jack Verdigris, the May Knight: known throughout the land as the Green Knight for his armor of shimmering pale green scales worked in the shape of delicate oak leaves.

Sir Travis Ingram: Youngest son of Lord Ingram, he has made a name for himself as a Knight of the Realm.

Sir Giles Florian: Sir Giles is often known as the 'Knight of Flowers', and his symbol is the forget-me-not.

Sir Llawen Thierry: quiet and calm, Llawen's symbol is the crescent moon, and is oft known as the Knight of Moon.

Sir Quentin Reynard: The youngest of the Knights, Quentin is known as "the Fox" for his cleverness in battle and in games of skill.

the rangers
Ruadhan: Lord Julian's second-in-command, Ruadhan is a gruff man of unknown age. It is rumored he was the first of Julian's Rangers, and no one dares cross him. Next to Julian, he is the arbiter of law among the Rangers.

Seth Greentree: One of Julian's most trusted captains, Seth is a cheery fellow, and is the only person who can needle Ruadhan and get away with it. He supervises the recruiting of new Rangers.

Dougal Finlay: The Ranger's black-smith. He was an active ranger for many years, until his leg was crippled in an attack by a wild boar.

Hamish Silvester: A large barrel-chested man who looks like he could go a few rounds with Lord Gerard himself , Hamish tends to the Ranger's stable of horses, and is the piture of the gentle giant.

Ethan Garret: A very ambitious young captain, Ethan is the picture of a dashing young hero with his charming smile and boy-ish good looks.

Bradford Caery: Bowyeur and fletcher for the Rangers, Bradford is also a closet gourmet cook.

Cosmo Ulric: gangly, awkward and painfully shy, Cosmo's bearing looks nothing like one would expect of a Ranger. But he is the best archer Amber has ever seen. Some even say he can shoot better than Lord Julian.

the common folk
Ghillie: a local hedge-witch. She raised Jape from his early childhood.

Tybion Greywolf: Proprietor of the Hart and Hand, an inn in the city proper. He is a retired Ranger.

Robin Goodfellow: the head of Goodfellow Players, one of Amber's premier performing troupes, Robin is a wily man well-known for his quick laugh and quirky humor.

Wade Sorley: proprietor of the Raging Boar Inn, and Bran's adoptive father.

Annag Sorley: Wade's wife, and the Inn's cook.

Lucius Sorley: Wade's seventeen year old son, he is set to inherit the Inn, though he longs for something grander.

Susannah Sorley: Wade's sixteen year old daughter.

Alyssia of Caer Thorne: Baran's mother, she is a wash-woman who takes in work from the Rangers.

Niadh of Caer Thorne: Baran's younger sister.



the fey folk
Queen Aeval: Queen of the Seelie Court, she has never been seen.

Prince Melwas: Son of Aeval, he has occasionally come to Amer to parley withthe King on his mother's behalf. trump

Lily: a young faery girl who accompanies Melwas when he comes to Amber's Court.

Nimiah: A faery woman.

Taberel: a Phooka.

Master Linthir: A centaur Bard and sorceror.

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