"amber: the forest for the trees"
amber: the forest for
the trees

legends and lore: the history of amber

The recoded history does not speak of times before the reign of King Oberon. It is, some say, expected; the manner of humans being to focus soley on their own interests.

But what was here before the humans came? For this history, we have only the legends and stories passed down over generations.

It is said that before the humans came to this place, that Arden Forest covered all the land between the mountains and the sea, and that this great forest was home to the great Seelie Court, the kingdom of the faery. Led by Obeiron and Titania, the Seelie Court living in shining harmony with the forest and nature. It is said their castle was in the branches of an enormous oak tree that stood at the very heart of the forest.

No one knows from whence the Seelie Court came, or if the primeaval Arden had always been their home. And no one knows for how long the Seelie Court reigned, for our knowledge of their history begins only when it began to overlap with ours.

Most scholars agree that at some point in the distant past, humans found the great forest, and the mountain Kolvir. They settled on the mountains slopes. At first, it was on no concern to the faery folk, but the human settlement grew rapidly, and they began to clear the great forest away from the place they had staked.

No one is exactly sure what happened at that point, but some evidence points to a war between the humans and the Seelie Court. Some legends say that it was this war that caused Titania to leave, other say she was cast out by Obeiron. But no one knows exactly why, though some think that she counseled Obeiron against the war, and was banished as a result.

If there was a war, it appears the humans won, because the Seelie Court retreated deep into Arden, and the human settlement that was to become our city of Amber continued to grow. A recorded history of Amber did not come into being until the reign of King Oberon, so even his origins are lost to us.

But it is known that there is no love lost between the Court of Amber and the Seelie Court, though King Corwin has made some effort to repair whatever old wounds exist.

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