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gm's corner: about the game

"I feel like I've done a good thing here."-Julie
"If you go by the Amber GM definition of good..." -Mer
"Cruel, vindictive, and inspiring much emotional torment?" -Jen
about the gm
Or at least about the gm's style...

I'm a storyteller and a world-builder at heart. I like to tell a grand and (hopefully) engaging story, and I like for my players to be able to tell their stories as well. I assume if someone has gone to all the trouble to make a character, they have a story to tell about that character, and so my goal is to create a framework in which the players can tell their stories, too.

As far as a 'theme', I run epic games. Often (ok, usually) darkly epic, but with the light of success and redemption at the end. Lots of good vs. evil, light vs. dark, and the balance between them. Betrayal, loyalty, romance and hard decisions are also found in abundance.

My games tend to be heavy on mystery, mayhem, tragedy and angst, punctuated with moments of humor and wackiness. I've been told I'm mean and evil (though only as a compliment). Having good stuff doesn't mean bad things won't happen to you, only that you'll come out of them okay in the long run. And if you go looking for trouble (such as "I head off into shadow to seek my destiny..."), well, don't say you weren't warned.

what the gm looks for
It's hard to run an epic game without epic characters. Characters with grand dreams, deep feelings, or tragic flaws. Characters who have high (or low) ideals, and strong hates and desires. Characters who sometimes hide a deeper nature under masks of dark or light.

I like characters with initiative, even if 'initiative' translates into totally derailing my plot. Really. It just forces me to be even more inventive. I like characters who enjoy interaction with others (players or npcs), who are not just going to hole up in their tower and ponder ways to take over the world. In short, I like characters who have character.

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