"amber: the forest for the trees"
amber: the forest for
the trees

amber: the emerald kingdom

Below him lay the fields of green;
He'd watched for ages, sight unseen,
This kingdom fair, which now sat where
Once were forests through which he'd roam'd,
The domain he'd ruled, and called his home.

The Kingdom of Amber has a long and colorful history. But it is far more than the city and castle - it is a varied land with an aura of myth and legend, home to many magical creatures, not just the humans who call it home.

Corwin has ruled in Amber since that fateful day, one hundred years ago, when his brother Eric fell in battle.

Today, Amber enjoys a peaceful existence. Trade with the Golden Circle is at an all-time high, and recently, an emmisary has been sent from the underwater kingdom of Rebma. All in all, the Royal Court lives an idyllic existance. Festivals are common, and the Midsummer Tourney is the highlight of the year.

It is said that Amber has put its contentious past behind it, and has entered a Golden Age. But some wonder if such optimism is premature, for there are still certain secrets in Amber's past...

Arden Forest

The great oaken wood that stands between Amber and its closest land-bound shadows; it is a wild and dangerous realm, home to many creatures (natural and supernatural), and is traversed only by those both brave or foolish. The only humans who inhabit it are Lord Julian and his Rangers. But it is home to the mysterious Seelie Court, the faery folk who have minimal contact with the human inhabitents of Amber. Some are occasionally come into the city once or twice a year to trade, but they do not stay long.

Small farms sit along the border between Arden and Garnath, but the only large population so near the great forest is the outpost of Caer Thorne, which sits along the main road that wends though the trees out into the Golden Circle.

Amber, the city
A bustling port city on the lower slopes of Mount Kolvir, it is quite self-sufficient, trading for some goods with the nearby Golden Cirle shadows, and farming the fertile Vale of Garnath. Amber has an active shipbuilding industry, mines its own ores from the nearby mountains, and has an active merchant fleet to trade for luxury items with nearby shadows. Day to day function of the city is administered by the Council of Lords, which is made up of the heads of all the major and minor noble houses.
A large fertile valley that lies between Kolvir and the Dancing Mountains, and Forest Arden. Much of it is cultivated to support the city of Amber and the castle. Much of the land in Garnath is parceled out among the noble houses, who administrate their individual lands.
The great mountain that borders the sea. Upon its upper slopes sits the great Castle Amber, and on its lower slopes sprawls the city of Amber. The uninhabited parts of the mountain are home to a variety of fae folk.
A mysterious undersea kingdom led by Queen Moire. Only recently has Rebma had much contact with Amber. Accessible only by a great staircase, few outside of the royal family have ever descended into its depths. It is known that one of the kings' sisters hails from this watery realm. Legend says that Rebma was once ruled by the Selkies.
Tir na'nogth
The mysterious ethereal city in the sky that is visible whenever the moon is out. Little is known about it, or what its connection to Amber is. A magical stairway can be seen leading from Kolvir to the Tir, but no one has ever been able to find where it begins. Legend has it that the foot of the staircase is hidden by faery glamour.

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