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Glorethien is a medieval-level kingdom on the world of Onaeven, covering approximately 716,000 square miles (about 2/3 of Onaeven's largest continent). Onaeven has three moons, and a slightly longer year than Earth.

The ruling seat of Glorethien is located in the city of Nydaria. A large sprawling city of approximately 40,000, Nydaria covers almost 37 square miles, through the city proper near the Castle only covers about 4 square miles. This is the commerce and social center of the city, an eternally active and bustling area. A monarchy, ruled by King Alberdan, Glorethien is a peaceful place, 50 years past the last war with their longtime enemy, the elven Danjani to the east. But rumbling among the nobles to start war again could shatter this pastoral air.

Elaine, only child and Head of House Madaari, was quite comfortable in her position as one of, if not the most, influental members of the Glorethien nobility, when her cousin Halrna arrived and told her of her birthright and Amber.

And Glorethien has not survived its connection to Amber unscathed. In an act related to the attempted assasination of King Random of Amber, the entire Royal Court of Glorethien was brutally murdered, leaving the realm in a precarious position, as King Alberdan had no heir. Moving quickly and decisively in the hours that followed the tragedy, Elaine gathered the Council and using her connections to their fullest advantage, took the throne.

She has also arranged a marraige for herself to William Laramar, one of the sons of a minor noble house, giving herself a temporary heir who can help manage the kingdom while she is otherwise occupied with the situation in Amber..

For Elaine had a higher goal. While it will be playing right into the plans her mother had for her, she will, as soon as Glorethien has settled, claim her birthright at the heir to the Danjani Empire, and bring the two kingdoms together, creating a continent spanning empire...

The Nobility

The nobility of the kingdom is comprised of 7 Major Houses, the heads of which make up the Council of Lords (a secondary ruling body), and 14 Minor Houses, whose heads comprise the Council of Houses (a traditional body that acts as representative for the Minor houses and 50 or so landed and landless nobles throughout Glorethien, but has no real power as does the Council of Lords).

The Council House, where meetings for both Councils are held, is in Nydiaria proper, only a few hundred yards from the Castle. And since both Councils meet on at least a monthly basis, the Nobility is a common site in the city.

  • The Seven Major Houses

    Most of the holdings of the Major Houses lie within a 40 mile radius of Nydiaria. Most of the seven live within the City proper, and travel on a regular basis to their holdings. Only Madaari and Cigorwen, whose holdings lie closest to the city, reside full-time on their lands.

    House Madaari
    House Madaari is the second oldest noble House of Glorethien, which is why it's holding are so near the city proper, only a few miles outside the city outskirts. With Elaine's rise to the Crown, she has named her distant cousin and former House Guard captain Jerorewin Olassa her heir. With Elaine's coronation, Jero will become head of house, much to his dismay.

    Head of house: Jerorewin Olassa

    Heir: none
    Seneschal: Darven Ilari

    House Cigorwen

    Cigorwen is the oldest of Glorethien's noble houses. In fact, part of the city proper of Nydiaria has grown around the holdings of House Cigorwen. Cigorwen and Madaari have been longtime allies, and Elaine is close friends with Erandel.

    Head of House: Astay
    Heir: Erandel

    House Legeania

    Head of House: Erath
    Heir: Griec

    House Frayweth

    Head of House: Afardo
    Heir: Gwahan

    House Haauviel

    Head of House: Teilith
    Heir: Beradon

    House Thenna

    Head of House: Gadon
    Heir: Haeldan

    House Jerayn

    Head of House: Fad
    Heir: Calimas

  • The Council of Lords

    The Council of Lords in comprised of the heads of the seven Major Houses. They are a policy-making board. Majority vote by the Council brings a policy before the King for approval. They also act as a very influential advisory board to the Crown.

    The Council of Lords was formed from the original seven Houses that fielded troops early in Glorethien's history. 940 years ago, Glorethien was embroiled in a bloody civil war. The seven Houses above threw in behind the Gwirewen, you0nger brother of the power-mad and mostly insane King, and overthrew him.

  • The Fourteen Minor Houses

    The Minor Houses usually have small holdings throughout the city. Many of them reside in City and rent out their lands to farmers.

    The Minor Houses were originally lands and titles awarded to those who fought on the side of Gwirewen in the civil war.

    House Chaev - Frendaw
    House Kailif - Ibaot
    House Laramar - Edaom
    House Maowyn - Ethae
    House Gomond - Rhilaf
    House Severabard - Glaudon
    House Teamar - Dwerimond
    House Erilader - Sef
    House Umigowin - Lunnon
    House Afalennor - Dwy
    House Kedelajan - Pelarid
    House Nayand - Feannor
    House Mirerramar - Yearid
    House Prelabwyn - Jeraref

  • The Council of Houses

    The Council of Houses is a traditional group composed of the Heads of the fourteen Minor Houses. For all intents and puropses their role is strictly as representatives for the 20 or so other landed nobles not among the Minor Houses, and the non-landed nobles. The non-landed nobles are composed of the more successful members of the merchant class and the of some of the military.

    The ArchMagi

    And, with no direct power over the Crown, but with heavy influence, are the ArchMagi, the Elder Mages that, for all intents and purposes, control all magic and wizardry in the Kingdom.

    There are five classes of magic in the world: necromancy, conjuring, sorcery, wizardry, and elemental magic. Each class is organized into Guilds, and the Guilds are ruled over by a Council composed of two senior members of each Guild.

    Contact between the Guilds is fairly common, though there is always some friction over some philisophical point or another. While the general public must pay for the services of a Guild mage, Guild mages are obligated to freely assist when requested by another mage of any Guild.

    Anyone with magical abilities is automatically a member of the Guild corresponding to their talent, and subject to the rights and rules thereof.

    Necromancy: The smallest Guild, and most feared Guild. Their studies into the magics of death and dying are whispered about in nervous and hushed tones.

    Conjuring: The ability to create objects and the like out of only the magical energy around them makes the Conjurers a very popular Guild.

    Sorcery: The abilities of these Mages to enspell and ensorcell living creatures had gained them many friends and enemies, mage and mundane alike.

    Wizardry: The "show-offs" of the Magi, wizards are well-known for their pyrotechnic displays of power.

    Elementalists: The Elementalists control over nature and the spirits that inhabit the elemental planes has created an air of mystery and awe about them.

    The Danjani

    Danjani, a magic capable elven-like race that holds lands bordering Glorethien, have been at odds with Glorethien for generations, but with recent massive upheaval in their political structure due to the death of their heirless Emperor, they have been unusually quiet. No one knows if this is because they are planning something, or because they are too caught up in their own internal affairs.

    Current Events

    Glorethien has fallen into a period of increasing unrest. The threat of war with the Danjani, a magic capable elven-like race that holds lands bordering Glorethien, has been in existance for generations, but with recent massive upheaval in their political structure due to the death of their heirless Emperor, many of the Minor Houses and three of the Major Houses have been pressuring Alberdan to take advantage of the situation and press the attack.

    The ArchMagi have been unusally silent on the issue, which has only increased the nervousness of the Minor Houses, and caused a possible destructive rift among the Council of Houses, with Houses Haauviel, House Thenna and House Jerayn for the war, House Madaari, House Cigorwen and House Legeania against, and House Frayweth undecided.

    And so stood matters for two years, as infighting among the Danjani continued over succession.

    Houses Haauviel, Thenna and Jerayn have been at odds with Madaari since the fracture of the Council of Houses some seven years before, when Madaari fought againt going to war, and brought Cigorwen and Legeania to his side, and gave Frayweth enough to think about to keep him on the fence. Led by Haauviel, the three houses have made apoint of making Elaine's life as difficult as possible, hoping to pull one or more of Madaari's allies to their side. So far they have been unsucessful.

    The ArchMagi have had little to do with House Madaari since Andrys' death. They have shown neither support or aversion to Elaine as head, and their silence has been the one thing that has kept the Minor Houses from deciding either way in regards to supporting Madaari. (The Minor Houses (and some of the major Houses) hold the Magi in superstitious awe, and while they never admit it, the decisions of the ArchMagi have heavy influences upon their decisions).

    And that is where things currently lie.