Thoughts on Family and Friends
Elaine's thoughts on family and friends

  • Blaine: "I could only hope that Joaquim's almost-fortuitous action had done the bastard some small harm."

  • Caine: "He did seem in manner much as the family stories paint him, though anyone would have to be somewhat of a flippant, thick-skinned deviant to have collaborated with my mother for any length of time."

  • Christoph:"Indeed, Christoph has proven to have quite the ability to take every adversity that befalls him in calm stride."

  • Desire: "Desiree is a quiet and mysterious sort, the kind I do not trust with more than polite hellos."

  • Eve: "She is the one cousin I have met, outside of Harlan, who does not seem to be interested in playing the game."

  • Gerard: "I could see much of where Rufus had come by his silent and compassionate strength."

  • Gillian: "And so I discovered Gillian and I were connected by more than blood, or the sword our father's had each carried - a mutual disaffection for my mother."

  • Harlan: "But Harlan was kind, and patient, and a gentleman..."

  • Jero: "Shadow or not, he the one person closest to my heart."

  • Joaquim: "...damning Joaquim and his annoying tendency to be at least a step ahead of me at all times. I admired it, but it was enormously frustrating. ."

  • Justin:"I don't know what it is about Justin that he brings out the imp in me. Perhpas it is just because I enjoy our verbal sparring so. Usually when I get into one of these moods Jero heads for the hills, and Harlan, well, he never knew how to deal with the 'shark', as he refered to my darker side. But Justin, he not only seems to accept it, but enjoy it.."

  • Kier: "I must admit I genuinely like Kier. He is restrained and evasive without being duplicitous."

  • Merlin: In our days of travel I had spent more than one late night talking with my cousins by the fire. Christoph never really lost that somewhat distant air he always wears, but Merlin had proved to be an engaging and jovial companion. Like Kier, I found him to be one of the more genuine of the cousins, and had come to like him greatly.

  • Mirelle: "If I were to give my mother any good word, it would be that she is extremely talented at playing the martyred and tortured soul."

  • Raphael:"We had so much and so little in common. Both brought to Amber out of desperation, both manipulated, lied to and used by Mirelle, both bound by our obligations to something we saw as greater than ourselves."

  • Rufus: "He is a gruff, but kind soul, who seems intent upon taking me under his wing."