Elaine Madaari, daughter of Mirelle, Duchess of Amber, Queen of Glorethien, was a character in Merrie Haskell's "Stormfront" Amber game.

Elaine's thoughts on family and friends

Prologue: "Things That Go Bump In the Night"
Prologue: "Midnight Rendevous"

One: "The Rain Starts Falling"
Two: "The Looking-Glass Room"
Three: "Glass Into Sky"
Four: "Specters of Past and Present"
Five: "This World of Lies"
Six: "Chasing the Crown"
Interlude: "Dragons by Starlight"
Seven: "Kings and Vagabonds"
Interlude: "The Pool of Dreams"
Eight: "Waking the Trees"
Nine: "Shadows of Betrayal"
Ten: "The Picture World"
Eleven: "Moments of Revelation"
Twelve: "The Weight of Circumstances"
Thirteen: "Rules of Engagement"
Fourteen: "Necessities"
Fifteen: "Small Favors"
Sixteen: "Watchers in the Dark"
Seventeen: "Illusions of Security"
Eighteen: "Some Small Harm"
Nineteen: "All the Empty Places"
Twenty: "Consequences"
Twenty-One: "The Sound of Silence"
Twenty-Two: "Shattered"
Twenty-Three: "Time and Tide"
Twenty-Four: "Reunion"
Twenty-Five: "Long Road Ahead"
Twenty-Six: "Secrets"
Twenty-Seven: "Sound the Darkness"
Twenty-Eight: "Roads Not Taken"