Shadow Blythe

Cecily and her brother reside in Blythe, a shadow near to Chaos, that is a nexus of various shadowpaths, including the great shadow road created by the Amber troops as they marched into Chaos. This web of shadow roads and paths has created a small pocket of Shadows that are in close contact, almost like the Golden Circle. Roads such as Corwin's Way and The Dirge (the path created when Oberon's body was returned to Chaos) connect the shadows they pass through, but the residents of this area are unaware of those pathways' origins. They know nothing of Amber or Chaos.

Blythe is a place much like Earth's England; a land that embodies a spirit of mystery and legend, yet thrives as a modern society. While at a technology level approximating early 21st century Earth, Blythe has some magic, enough for various classes of fae and demons to also call it home. Stone circles are magically active places, protected areas that demon-kind cannot enter.

Cecily and Harrison reside in a small village named Glastonburgh, in the High Territories, approximately equivalent to England's Northumbrian area. They own an old farmhouse on about 12 acres of land (which includes the remains of an ancient stone circle).