"The Scolding"

"The Scolding"

Fletcher'd knock on the door and walk in when she gave permission.

"You got time to talk about somethin'? I think it's important."

Cecily would gesture him to take a seat. "What's up?"

"What's up," he says, "is me wondering what you had in mind during that idiotic display of courage during pirate attack."

"Just idiotic? I'd have expected some stronger condemnation." She sighed. "What do you want me to say, Fletcher? That it was stupid? I agree. That I should have been more responsible? I agree. I was way too cocky going into that, and I now have a nice reminder of my rash behavior." She grimaced slightly as she shifted position.

"It ain't even about bein' cocky. It would have been stupid even if the guy'd been an anemic midget. The Regent has to rule, not run around the front line hackin' people up."

"All right, Fletcher. Point taken. Find someone else to take over the military aspects, at least until we *have* a military, and I'll park my butt well back from the action. But until that point, I'll balance both obligations as best I can. Maybe this sounds like an arrogant crock, but I think, for right now, these people need to see that we're willing to fight for them before they're going to fully be able to fight for themselves. "I made a promise to protect them, and I think they need to see that I am willing to go all the way to do that before they're ever going to truly accept me as Regent, or any of us as their leadership." She shrugs. "I promise I'll be more... restrained next time."

"You're missin' the point. You didn't get this job because you were perfect for it. You got the job because nobody else could get it done. If you die, the entire thing falls apart. Do you really think the risk of people not entirely believing in you is greater than the risk of the people having no one to believe in?"

Cecily sighs. "All right. I'll keep myself out of it next time - not that I have much choice until this heals," she gestures to her injured leg.

"Yeah, well, if you decide not to keep out of it from now on, I may just break the other one."

She makes a face at him. "Are you done scolding me?"

"For today, I guess. Otherwise the nurse'll come in and scold *me*, and we can't have that."