Zolgrav's Field Guide

Cecily carries with her at all times a somewhat travel-worn copy of Zolgrav's Field Guide. About the size of a Berkeley Travel Guide, it is the very abridged version of Zolgrav's Complete Guide to Demonology, a 240 volume history and catalogue of demonology. Each field guide is linked by a form of Trump to a complete guide. Changes made to the unabriged version then appear in the field guide, and vice versa. The magic also allows the field guide to hold far more information than a normal book its size. In essence, when one opens a field guide, they are opening a Trump contact to the unabridged guide.

There are only a few hundred of the Zolgrav's Guides in existence. They are passed down through the generations, or on occasion sold for astronomical prices.

Much of the information contained in this guide can also be found in The Encyclopedia of Monsters

Approximately 8-10 feet in height. Skin color varies from pale grey (younger) to red-black (elder). Flight capable (winged). Physical defensive capabilities included claws, teeth, and a thick, scale-like hide. They are not poisonous, but are possessed of extreme strength and endurance.

Can gain physical sustenace from ingesting food, but the primary form of sustenance (and the Beholder's power) is psychic energy. The third eye, or oculus, of the Beholder is a unique biological construct that magnifies their psychc abilities and allows them to make a psychic connection with their victim through dominating their will. Once this connection is made, the Beholder can drain the victim's 'soul' in one action, or, as is also seen take bits and pieces over time. Once a connection is made, Beholders sometimes visit a victim over a period of months or years, feeding on the individual until he or she is exhasted as a source of energy. Symptoms of Beholder attacks include fragmentary and sporadic memory loss, missing time, depression and suicidal tendancies. Unless the demon is forced to physically defend itself, Beholder attacks never leave a physical mark.

There are 42 known and classified Beholder demons (see index listing). They are transitory by necessity, as they are often a prime target of demon hunters, though there have only been three recorded Beholder kills (see Beyhert, Grodan, and Toskari) and one recorded incidence of the destruction of a oculus (see Greyfalcon). Beholders are among the most powerful of the demon classes. Many hunters have lost their lives in pursuing these creatures.

Recent studies suggest (see Greyfalcon) that if the eye is destroyed, victims will regain their psyche. It is not common, though, as usually the victim dies in the process of beign drained, or if the victim survives, they are often declared legally brain-dead and removed from life support.

Over 63 sub-species have been accounted for, but all bear similar biological and behavioral traits that have lead most demonologists to group them under one generic
Hobgoblins (or goblins) are a family of demonic entities that include such species as kobolds, brownies and bogles. They among the solitary demons that have a connection with a human family or household. Often possessing of great intelligence, they do sometimes have a tendency towards mischief, though are generaly considered helpful and good.

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