Thoughts on Family and Friends
Cecily's thoughts on family and friends

  • Blaise:

  • Fletcher:"Don't get me wrong. I knew Fletcher was a treacherous little bastard, but until now, I though he was treacherous only to his own ends. "

    "It seems somehow odd that the only one I am convinced of is Fletcher. While he always seems the most unreliable, in that crazed maniac sort of way, he's also the only one who's made clear his stand on current events. I realize I'm just a means to an end for him, but his honesty and sincere desire to make something of this gives me some heart. "

  • Gerda:

  • Grayson:

  • Griffin:"I get the feeling that there is a lot more to our merry bard than he may ever let on. I wonder if there's something else he's searching for, other than his father?"

  • Hakthla:"Hakthla is of a class of Elder demons known as Beholders; demons with a third eye that allows then to see into the souls of others, and use what they see to then lure the victims in. They then feed on the soul, and gain sustenance and power through it it. Well, usually. Hakthla, though, is probably pretty hungry by now, since I took his oculous about three years ago. And there are few things crankier than a half-starved demon."

  • Harrison: "He's always been a constant in my life, the one solid thing I've always had to count on. I'm more than capable of taking care of myself, and really, in recent years, I've found myself keeping an eye on him more than him watching over me. But I've never tried to fathom what it would be like not having him. I subconsciously took him at his word, that he'd never leave, that he'd always be there for me."

  • Ilie:

  • Jasper:"Because there was a boy who died a horrible death because I took some stupid risks, and I can't seem to get his blood off my hands."

  • Lachesis:"Maybe it was time to go seek out Lachesis, but there still might be answers closer to home. At least I hoped so. I'm not sure I can face her yet. Not knowing she's my mother."

  • Luke:"Arrogant, sneaky, and he can cook, too. No wonder he irritates me."

    "There's something very comfortable about Luke. Maybe it's because we share a certain recklessness and arrogance. Maybe I just like him more than I'm willing to admit..."

  • Matthias:"His face reflected the weariness I had seen in the set of his shoulders, and those blue eyes were sad and worn. He wasn't old, or at least didn't look old, other than that sense of old beyond his years. I couldn't help but wonder who he was, and what thoughs bore down on him so hard."

  • Merlin:

  • Murray:

  • Rhiannon:

  • Salome:"Even Salome was sobered by his news, and for just a moment her grief peeked through that bad-ass demeanor that so gets on my nerves. It made her seem a little more human, a little less like the enemy I'd pegged her for since day one. I still don't trust her, but I guess, maybe, I can understand her a little better."

  • Shenrakari:"Shen is both mysterious and mystified. He, out of all, seems the most a stranger in a strange land. And yet, he has managed to hold on to this air of serenity, even in the most chaotic of moments. I envy him that, I think. I've never really felt disjointed in my life, but I know I've never been as grounded in myself as Shen does."

  • Stark:"[Stark]'s a sweet girl, but she's got to learn to either stop hooking up with weirdos, or stop taking it so personally when they go off the deep end."

    "Sometimes talking with Stark is unnerving; you meander through a conversation, and just when you're lulled into complacency, she drops some sort of sharp observation that leaves you flailing for a reponse."

  • Syrana: