Character Quiz

1. Describe a dream/nightmare that recurringly plagues your character

This dream comes rarely, but started shortly after her initial encounter with Hakthla (one of the first times she truly encountered the possibility of her own mortality). She is fighting an unseen presence (which sometimes manifests as Hakthla, other times some demonic entity created by her subconscious). As the fight continues, she begins to lose use of her limbs and senses - first legs, then arms, then sight, hearing smell, and taste, - until she is utterly immobile and helpless, only able to feel her impending death, and do nothing about it.
2. What might you, or other PCs, hate about your character?
Her tendency to be rather cavalier about pretty much everything is one of her worst traits. While it is the method by which she deals with those things that affect her deeply, others may well find it grating.
3. What would provoke your PC to kill a shadow-dweller?
Death is her trade, though she is not in any form the sort to kill indiscriminately. As she knows no distinction between shadows and others, she would not have seperate criteria. Indeed, she does not even completely distinguish between human and demon on all levels (for example, Murray is a demon, but also someone she would kill to protect, even if that meant killing a human). She would kill to protect those she considers 'innocents', she would kill to protect those she loves, and she would kill out of vengeance (such as to avenge her brother).
4. What is your most prized possession? Tell the story of how you came to have it.
She actually has two. One is an antique fiddle (affectionately known as 'George') she found at a flea market when she was sixteen. She bought it on a whim for $30 and taught herself to play, mostly in response to her brother constantly playing Chaosian opera. The other is her Zolgrav's Field Guide, given to her by her brother Harrison.
5.How would your PC live day-to-day in a modern 20th century world?
If she were living in our earth, she would probably something akin to a bounty hunter.
6. What emotions can your PC express in public?
Cecily had a ready laugh, and a sometimes quirky sense of humor (which gets quirkier with increasing amounts of alcohol). She has little problem letting those around her know when she is angry, annoyed, etc, and her affection and devotion to her brother is more than obvious. Emotions she has difficulty expressing to others are sorrow, sadness - any of those emotions that might make her appear less than the bad-ass she usually portrays. Oddly enough, she has little problem expressing fear around others, though.
7. What is your moral code?
She treats people as they treat her and others. She will treat thieves, cheaters and liars in much the same manner they treat the world. She has very much an eye-for-an-eye philosophy. If you are respectful, so is she. If you're a jerk, she's a bigger one.
8. How would your character react to finding out they aren't really who they believe?
Cecily is fairly well entrenched in who she is. Finding out some secret truth of her heritage might affect her, but it still wouldn't change her view of who she is. She knows there is some mystery to her parents that her brother refuses to relate, but she doesn't agonize over that fact or what that truth might be (though it drives her nuts froma curiosity standpoint).
9. What, if anything, does your character fear most?
She fears not death, but being injured in a permanently incapacitating manner and surviving. Otherwise, she is considered fearless to a dangerous degree by almost everyone around her.
10. What is your character's defining quote?
"Everyone has their personal demons."
11. List up to ten quirks, idiosyncracies or affectations your character has.
-Cecily has an extreme phobia of needles.
-She has perfect pitch.
-She taught herself to play the fiddle, and she takes it with her everywhere.
-She has, to date, broken her right leg six times and her left leg 4 times, her collarbone twice, dislocated both elbows, and broken all her ribs.
-She has an eiditic memory for names and faces, but constantly forgets phone numbers and addresses. Consequently, she writes them on her hand.
-She has never had a romantic relationship that lasted longer than a month.
-She has been the Glastonburgh "Drunken Darts" champion for six years in a row.