Cecily Greyfalcon, daughter of Fiona, Regent of Amber, and licensed Demonslayer, is a character in Merrie Haskell's "Forever Far From Home" Amber game.

Nobody, nobody told me,
What nobody, nobody knows
But now I know where the rainbow ends
I know where there grows
A Tree, that's called the Tree of Life
I know where there flows
The River of All-Forgottenness
And where the lotus blows,
And I - I've trodden the forest, where
In flames of gold and rose,
To burn and then arise again,
The Phoenix goes.

Nobody, nobody told me,
What nobody, nobody knows:
Hide thy face in a veil of light,
Put on thy silver shoes,
Thou art the Stranger I know best,
Thou art the sweet heart, who
Came from the land between Wake and Dream
Cold with the morning dew.

-Walter De La Mare "The Song of the Wanderer"

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Prologue: "Personal Demons"
Prologue: "Blood Money"
Prologue: "A Penny for the Fiddler"
Prologue: "Once in a Blue Moon"

One: "Death Wishes"
Two: "Blacklisted"
Three: "Wish Me Monsters"
Four: "A Giant Sigh"
Five: "Family Matters"
Six: "A Bevy of Beholders"
Seven: "Death's Door"
Interlude: "The Confession of Harrison Greyfalcon"
Eight: "Confidantes"
Nine: "A Penny for Your Soul"
Ten: "Man in the Mirror"
Interlude: "Mirror, Mirror"
Interlude: "Guardian Ilie"
Eleven: "Stacking the Deck"
Twelve: "First Impressions"
Thirteen: "Halfway to Nowhere"
Fourteen: "Good Intentions"
Fifteen: "Tangled Web"
Interlude: "Hope"
Sixteen: "The Real World"
Seventeen: "Worrywart"
Eighteen: "The Best Laid Plans...
Interlude: "Toasting the Moon"
Nineteen: "Murphy's Law"
Twenty: "Abandon All but Hope"
Twenty-One: "Variations on a Theme"
Twenty-Two: "Bringing Out the Dead"
Twenty-Three: "Heartstrings"
Twenty-Four: "Drawing the Line"
Twenty-Five: "Strategic Withdrawl"
Interlude: "The Scolding"
Twenty-Six: "Trading Places"
Twenty-Seven: "Skeletons in the Closet"
Twenty-Eight: "Full Circle"
Twenty-Nine: "Condolences"
Thirty: "The Lure of Night"
Thirty-One: "Life is but a Dream"
Thirty-Two: "Dreams Made Flesh"
Thirty-Three: "Passing Notes"
Thirty-Four: "Mis-stating the Obvious"
Thirty-Five: "Jigsaw"
Thirty-Six: "The Third Eye"
Thirty-Seven: "Clarity"
Thirty-Eight: "In Dreams" forthcoming
Epilogue: "Never Far from Home" forthcoming