The De-Evolution of Star Trek, or, Why you can't milk a dead cow.

And they just noticed this?

"Star Trek" Universe in "Decay"?

Activision filed suit Monday against Trek's federation bosses at Viacom, accusing the media giant of running the Enterprise into the ground and zapping fan interest in its videogame tie-ins... "Through its actions and inactions, Viacom has let the once-proud Star Trek franchise stagnate and decay," Activision said in a statement.
I want to laugh, but you know, the Trek franchise has become such a giant oozing parody of itself that even this isn't really funny anymore. Just pathetic. They've run the franchise into the ground trying to milk every last possible dollar out of it, and now they're being sued for doing it.

Okay. That really is kind of funny.

I'm not sure about the claim that Viacom is deliberately letting the franchise fall, because it's been dying a slow, writhing gasping death for a while now. I don't think "Nemesis" lack of success was a real surprise to anyone who's followed the franchise since oh, about the third year of Voyager. It wasn't to me. I went in with low expectations, and was still disappointed. Like a lot of things about Star Trek in the last ten years, five years especially, it could have been great, but it wasn't.

And I'm not sure there's much of anything Viacom can do about it. Attempts to revive the franchise just end up like Frankenstein's media monster, a patchwork of pathetic demographic pleasers, big budget spectacles and a story universe that's been electo-shocked so many times it's all charred around the edges.

Unlike some, Stewart isn't fed up with the franchise, just the public's failure to embrace Nemesis. "I think we're a little disappointed , we're a trifle bitter, because there are a group of us who think it's the best of the Star Trek films," Stewart said, per WENN.
When Star Trek's fans, notorious for the rabidity that has kept the franchise going for this long, start abandoning it, might be a good sign that there not much left to inject life into.