I am a life-long fan late to fandom, and making up for lost time as an enthusiastic media fangirl, an unapologetic nerdy dork, a proud betrayer of the literary tradition, and an aficionado of low-brow entertainment. I also am very fond of shit blowing up.

My primary fannish involvement is online media fandom, specifically genre (SF/F) media. My first true fannish love was Star Trek. My first fandom experience was Stargate SG-1. I still think on Trek fondly, but SG-1 and I are in a comfortable long-term relationship these days.

I love a wide variety of genre media and print, but I am rather monogamous in my fannish involvement, despite my short attention span and habit of getting easily distracted by new shiny objects.

I am unapologetic and utterly shameless in my love for all manner of genre entertainment. I have a standing Saturday date with SciFi's bad movie of the week. I enjoyed Farscape and Special Unit Two with equal fervor. This wasn't always the case, but I've become secure in my love for the low-brow and kitschy.