[Multipass: Multifandom recs]

[Babylon 5]

Skuka, Holod i Granit (Orange Juice. Tolstoy. Vodka. Breakfast foods) by not jenny is a bittersweet Ivanova and Marcus, and indeed, all love is unrequited. (10.29.2004)

[Battlestar Galactica (2003)]

"An Eclipse Binary" by hossgal (R; Kara/Lee). (08.23.2005)

[Buffy and Angel]

"Things Left Undone" by minnow (PG13) is an intriguing is a collection of twelve perspectives on what might happen after the end of Angel. (10.29.2004)

Wesley. Puppet!Angel. Utter hilarity. By thebratqueen (implied puppet sex). ( 10.29.2004)

"Five Bastardized Virtues: Xander" by Te. (R; Contains content some readers may find disturbing). (08.23.2005)

"The Rapturous End" by Annakovsky (PG). (08.23.2005)

"Umad Learns Sumerian" by Annakovsky. Dawn negotiating her place as the world falls apart. An excellent Dawn-in-transition. (08.23.2005)

"Theses on a Philosophy of Power" by glossing (R). (08.23.2005)


"Unless You're Us" by Kathleen Daily. Buffy and Spock. A surprising amount in common. Nice voices and some amusing references to other characters in their respective universes.

"My Kingdom for a Horse (Of a Different Color) by not jenny (PG). Stargate SG-1/Farscape. A practically perfect look at Teal'c in the most unlikely of places. Excellent character piece, with some dead-on characterization of the chorus, as well.

"Mordor, She Wrote" by Simoniac (R; Jayne/Sam). Firefly meets Lord of the Rings in this short, sweet and fabulously bizarre treat. (10.29.2004)

"Mathematics" by fox1013. Firefly/Muppets. One plus one equals something delightfully off-kilter. (10.29.2004)


"Bellum Interruptum" by Cofax (Adult. AU). John Crichton's own personal Casablanca. This made me want to go home and watch the whole series all over again.

"Freefalling" by Elli Jane (NC17; AU). (08.23.2005)

"Scientist, Astronaut, and Nymphomaniac: The Nine Lives of John Crichton" by Feldman (NC17). (08.23.2005)


Utopia by Salieri (R). Salieri gives us what Joss only at hints about the Reavers.

" No Shoes, No Coat, No Pair of Socks" by Bound By Spells (PG13). I am, perhaps, a little biased, as I have the great fortune of knowing BBS in non-fandom-based reality, but I still think you'll agree that is an excellent River piece.

"Homestead" by inlovewithnight. A nice, plotty, action-adventure, giving Jayne some solid backstory. Well-characterized and an engaging read. (08.25.2005)

"Different For Girls" by Mosca (R; Zoe/Wash, Kaylee; Pre-series). (08.25.2005)

"Big Damn Zombies, Sir" by shrift (R). Everything's better with Zombies. Hysterically funny. (08.25.2005)


"A Momentary Lapse of Reason" by Otter (PG13; House/Wilson). (08.25.2005)

"The Meaning of Marriage" by Gigi Sinclair (PG; House/Wilson). (08.25.2005)

[Law and Order: SVU]

"The Efficiency of Empty Spaces" by sloanesomething (R; Elliot/Olivia). I love Elliot and Olivia's dynamic on the show, the deep emotional and professional intimacy of two people who see horrible things all the time and are bound together by that. This story explores the effect of them taking their partnership outside of work, and all the pitfalls that follow. Sparsely and eloquently written, with no padding the uncomfortable angles around them. (08.25.2005)

[Lord of the Rings]

Webs by Roz Kaveney. This dark and horrific AU focuses on what might have happened if Frodo and Sam hadn't made it past the spider's lair.

"Mother of Horses" by hossgal (R) is another Lord of the Rings AU, a dark, uncomfortable and uncompromising look at Eowyn's fate in a world where the Ring is not destroyed. (10.29.2004).

[The O.C.]

"Penguins Do It, Too" by Shoshanna Gold. Seth and Ryan future fluff that's not sticky sweet and has an excellent Ryan POV. (11.30.2004)

"Lex Fucking Luthor" by Bound By Spells (PG-13; Seth/Ryan. There are some fabulous and hilarious levels of meta in this story, as Seth compares himself and Ryan to Lex Luthor and Superman. Spot-on Seth voice. (08.24.2005)

"The Distance Between" by dirty_diana (NC17; Seth/Ryan; AU). A Seth and Ryan meet in college fic with some excellently voiced (and hot) Seth/Ryan interactions. (08.24.2005)

"Lists" by clem k. (Ryan/Theresa, implied Seth/Ryan). AU for the end of S1, with an excellent Theresa POV. (08.24.2005)


"Waiting For Yes" by shalott (Lex/Clark; NC17).(08.23.2005)

"Nemesis" by Jojo (PG13; Lex/Clark).(08.23.2005)

"Yesterday" series: "Predictability" (PG; Future), "Different" (PG; Future) and "Red" (PG; Future) by Jojo (Lex/Clark).(08.23.2005)

"Buy Tulips" by Jojo (PG; Lex/Clark).(08.23.2005)

[Stargate: Atlantis]

"Seven Ways John Sheppard Goes Home" by minnow. Seven possible futures for John Sheppard. Strong voice and compelling extrapolation for a show so new. (11.30.2004)

"The Secret Life of Scientists" by Julad. (08.23.2005)

"The Crane Wife" by Brighid. (08.23.2005)

"A Beautiful Lifetime Event" by shalott (Sheppard/McKay). (08.23.2005)

"Absurdity Theory" by Julad (McKay/Zelenka; sexual content). (08.23.2005)

"Five Ways they Lived Happily Ever After in Atlantis" by Andrew Plotkin. (08.23.2005)

[Stargate SG-1 ]

For SG-1, I also keep separate themes recs list for the following: Sam/Jack, Sam Carter gen fic, Sam/Jack/Daniel and other multiple pairings, and Apocafic.

"Pieces" by nanda (Jack/Daniel). Though on the surface about Jack/Daniel, this transcends all the limitations of a pairing story and opens up the bonds between the whole team as Jack and Daniel face the end.

"Seven Days" by Ness (Gen).

"Almost a Statesman" by Katie M. (Gen). A bittersweet portrayal of Teal'c's struggle to mesh two worlds, told though the beautifully captured voice of Ry'ac. One of my five top picks in this fandom.

"Shortest Distance" by Wistful Fever (Sam/Daniel. NC-17). Part 1. Part 2.

"Just Another End of the World Tale of Woe" (R; Jack/Cassie; RPS Mary-Kate/Ashley) not jenny goes where no one thought to (or probably ought to).

"Surface Tension" by Salieri (Gen). Sam when nothing is quite right.

"This is Not Wartime" series by Cofax (Gen, Sam/Daniel, Jack/Daniel, Sam/Jack/Daniel, Daniel/Janet. G-NC17). There's nothing better than a good apocalypse, Cofax gives us both tantalizing snapshots and in-depth examinations of one possible aftermath.

"Elvis Has Left the Building" by Salieri (implied Jack/Daniel). The SGC ends up with a very difficult exile in their care. Hilarious. (added 10.29.2004)

"Every Day is Like Sunday" by Nostalgia (Sam/Daniel). An AU twist to Lost City that doesn't end on quite as happy a note. (added 10.29.2004)

"Coming Forth By Day" by Salieri (Gen). Gives a profound voice and a history to a goa'uld's host. (added 10.29.2004)

"Work of Days and Hands" by Laura M. (08.23.2005)

"Left Behind" by Elly. (08.23.2005)

"Used to It" by Carolyn Claire. (08.23.2005)

"A Lapse of Gravity" by shalott (R; Sam/Daniel/Teal'c, implied Sam/Daniel/Jack/Teal'c). A bittersweet and at the same time warm and affectionate examination of Sam and her relationships to the guys, told through an exquisite Sam voice. I adore this story without reservation. (08.23.2005)

"Prevail" by Denise. (08.26.2005)

"The Blue Jello Metaphor" by Jennghis Kahn (PG13). I am, to put it mildly, an hard core Sam Carter fangirl. And this lands in my top three favorite Sam-focused stories ever. It's funny and sweet and affectionate and just a wonderful little snapshot of my favorite girl and the occasionally absurd, occasionally bittersweet moments in her life. (08.26.2005)

"Unforgotten" by Cofax (AU; futurefic). There's no way I can describe this and do it justice. It's 800 words that I didn't stop thinking about for days, and is one of those stories just hit me right there. (08.26.2005)

"My First Stargate Story" by Halrloprillalar (Jack/Daniel; Parody). I loooove parodies. Especially parodies that cleverly and humorously skewer the sacred cow clichés that become fanon in fic writing. This is one of the best. (08.26.2005)

"Tolerance for Lies" by Rowan Darkstar (Sam/Pete). Sam trying to balance her job and her life. I like this story because it's subdued; there's angst, but it's not melodramatic. It's quiet and restrained, much like Sam herself. (08.26.2005)

"West" by minnow. A perfect never-say-die Sam, doing what she has to do for her team. (08.26.2005)

"Diving to Drown" by Tafkar (NC17; Non-con; AU). This is one of those stories that is best discovered as you read it, so I'll just say it doesn't hesitate to cross the lines that make it a very worthwhile, if uncomfortable read. (08.26.2005)

"One Upon a Time in Egypt" by LJ. A very neat insert to Moebius. (08.26.2005)

"Quantum Attraction" by Havocthecat (Sam/Daniel; Adult). Virgin Sam fics are a popular subgenre in shipper circles. 99.9 of them suck horribly. But Havoc manages to take Sam and Daniel in Moebius, and gives us a wry, pragmatic Sam whose love life has never been much of a priority until her whole life is turned upside down. (08.26.2005)

[West Wing]

"Revelation" by Violet (CJ/Toby). (08.23.2005)

"The Memory-Keeper" by Ygrawn (R; CJ/Toby, Toby/Andie). (08.24.2005)