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  • "Fishing in the Morning"
    (G; Gen. Sam. Jack. humor; posted 3/31/2003)
    inspired by the Dar Williams tune of the same name...

  • "Way Smarter"
    (1339 words; G; Sam/Jack friendship; humor; posted 4/9/2003)
    I've always wanted Sam to call his bluff...

  • "Euphemism"
    (1414 words; G; Sam/Jack UST; "Metamorposis" tag; posted 4/14/2003)
    Saying what you can't the only way you can...
    (Collage by Cal)

  • "Together"
    (1148 words; PG; Sam/Jack UST/romance; fluff; posted 4/26/2003)
    Two friends, going to a wedding...

  • "Snapshot"
    (300 words; G; Sam/Jack UST; "Divide and Conquer tag; posted 4/30/2003)
    It was a much better picture to have in his head.

  • "Blue Moon"
    (657 words; G; Sam/Jack UST/friendship; posted 5/17/2003)
    Answering nhawk's "Jack's cabin + Sam + Jack + Telescope + Lunar eclipse" challenge...

  • "The Big Question"
    (Part One of the "An Ordinary Birthday" series; Part Two by Jara Dax - 788 words; PG; Sam/Jack UST; humor; silly!fluff; posted 5/22/2003)
    Just how old is Sam?

  • "License for Disaster"
    (Part Three of the "An Ordinary Birthday" series; Part Four by Jara Dax - 1168 words; PG-13; Sam/Jack UST; humor; silly!fluff; posted 5/27/2003)
    A very bad idea...

  • "Rules of Engagement"
    (2433 words; PG-13 (language); Sam/Jack romance; future-fic; humor; posted 5/31/03)
    This is so not how Jack imagined his retirement...

  • "Stranger Things"
    (1099 words; PG; Sam/Jack UST; "Fragile Balance" episode fix; humor; posted 7/2/03)
    Maybe the world would be better off with two Jack O'Neills...

  • "Hindsight"
    (300 words; PG; Sam/Jack; angst; character death; posted 7/6/03)
    She'd have known. She knew everything that mattered.

  • "Rhapsody in Blue"
    (2578 words; PG-13 (implied sex situation, language); Sam/Jack; Jack/other; angst; futurefic; posted 7/23/03)
    There are times we are forced to do the things we'd like to think we're incapable of.

  • "Up the Waterspout"
    (612 words; G; Gen. Sam. Jack. Humor; posted 8/18/03)
    Big spider. Huge.

  • "Hook, Line and Sinker"
    (666 words; PG; Sam/Jack friendship/romance; humor; posted 9/3/03)
    It's a metaphor.

  • "Something Meaningful"
    (1072 words; Sam/Jack UST; fluff; "Window of Opportunity" episode insert; posted 10/19/03)
    He's damn well going to do something meaningful.

  • "101 Fabulous Sex Tips"
    (835 words; NC-17; Sam/Jack romance; futurefic; established relationship; humor; posted 11/01/03)
    A little inspiration couldn't hurt.

  • "The Universal Language"
    (864 words; PG; Sam/Jack; humor; fluff; posted 11/19/03)
    It happens every damned time.

  • "Daddy's Little Girl"
    (1343 words; PG - mild language; Sam/Jack romance; humor; posted 12/14/03)
    It's time they had a talk.

  • "Harmony"
    (570 words; PG; Team; implied Sam/Jack; posted 12/31/03)
    It really is a stupid song.

  • "Bottomless"
    (1353 words; PG; Sam/Jack friendship/romance; drama; angst; posted 02/07/04)
    It was the only thing she had left to give him.

  • "Gravity" (offsite link)
    (7198 words; PG; Gen; Episode 2 for Chrysalis (go to Chrysalis page for Episode 1); Spoilers for "Heroes II"; posted 02/27/04)
    To save one life, how much would you sacrifice?

  • "Imaginary Numbers"
    (300 words; PG; Sam/Jack; angst; posted 03/24/04)
    When A plus B doesn't equal C.

  • "Function"
    (964 words; PG-13; Sam/Pete; implied Sam/Jack; angst; posted 04/07/04)
    They both have relationship issues.

  • "The Better Man"
    (1193 words; PG; Sam/Pete; Sam/Jack UST; posted 05/16/04)
    Maybe she can do better. But that's not what it's about.

  • "Wash and Wear"
    (300 words; NC-17; Sam/Jack romance; posted 05/31/04)
    Doing laundry...

  • "Sweet Dreams"
    (1068 words; PG; Sam/Jack friendship; posted 06/14/04)
    Sweet dreams aren't made of this...

  • "Bait and Switch"
    (300 words; G; Team; posted 08/03/04)
    A page from the end of the story.

  • "Consummate Professionals"
    (Part Five of the "An Ordinary Birthday" series)
    (3711 words; NC-17; Sam/Jack romance; first-time; humor; posted 09/08/04; a PG-13 version can be found here)
    If this is his idea of romantic...

  • "Margin"
    (562 words; PG; Gen; posted 10/05/04)
    It was never far enough away to pretend it wasn't there, even for this little while..

  • "Clockwork"
    (196 words; G; Sam/Jack; Sap; posted 10/7/04)
    Second chances.

  • "Nostalgia"
    (300 words; PG; Gen; posted 10/05/04)
    Daniel remembers when this was hard.

  • "Short Supply"
    (1909 words; NC-17; Sam/Jack/Daniel; posted 10/18/04)
    He'd said he wasn't sure he could let them all go.

  • "Code Red"
    (486 words; NC-17; Sam/Jack; posted 10/21/04)
    The phone always rings at the wrong time.

  • "Hail to the King"
    (1960 words; R (language and violence); Gen; Humor; posted 11/04/04)

  • "One for the Gipper"
    (100 words; PG-13; Sam/Jack/Daniel; Zombies; posted 11/7/04)
    Teal'c's always the odd man out.

  • "Having Your Pie and Eating It, Too"
    (195 words; G; Gen; Team; posted 11/25/04)
    Thanksgiving with the team.

  • "Letters from Freud"
    (PG-13; Sam. McKay. Jack/Daniel; posted 12/10/04)
    Freud would have a field day with Sam Carter.

  • "Biceptual"
    (651 words; PG-13; Gen; Humor; posted 01/06/05)
    Is it true what they say about the size of a man's biceps?

  • "Chapel of Love"
    (2014 words; PG-13; Sam/Jack; Humor; Sap; posted 01/11/05)
    SG-1 does screwball romantic comedy.

  • "Octagonal"
    (800 words; PG; Gen; posted 01/28/05)
    Eight lives at a turning point.

  • "Unraveled"
    (656 words; PG; Sam/Jack; posted 02/10/05)
    He really had no idea about her, about them.

  • "Day of Rest"
    (1611 words; R (language); Gen; posted 03/27/05)
    All she's done since the day her mother died is try to fix things.

  • "Honesty is the Best Policy"
    (303 words; PG-13; Humor; Jack/Daniel; posted 4/30/05)
    The truth hurts.

  • "Objects at Rest"
    (753 words; PG; Team; Fluff; posted 05/13/05)
    Not quite National Lampoon's vacation...

  • "London Bridge is Falling"
    (300 words; PG; Gen; Angst; posted 05/18/05)
    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  • "In the City of Brotherly Love"
    (1068 words; NC-17; Parody; Sam/Daniel; posted 06/17/05)
    If lovin' you is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

  • "Who's Your Daddy"
    (864 words; R; Parody; Sam/Daniel, implied Sam/Jack, Sam/Teal'c; posted 07/08/05)
    Aliens made them do it. Sort of.

  • "Mother Warned Me There'd Be Days Like This"
    (945 words; PG; Fluff; Sam/Jack; posted 10/27/05)
    Everyone has days like this.

  • "Fine Spirits"
    (3610 words: PG; Gen: Team; posted 12/28/05)
    Three Tau'ri and a Jaffa walk into a bar...

  • "One for the Money"
    (1295 words; PG; Humor; Sam/Jack; Team; posted 1/3/06)
    Some bets are never safe.

  • "If I Were King of Babylon"
    (1815 words; PG; Gen: Team; posted 1/19/06)
    Sticks and stones can break your bones, but the wrong word can really mess up your day.

  • "My Bloody Valentine"
    (480 words; R; Humor; Sam/Jack; posted 2/14/06)
    Jack's all abut the romance.

  • "31 Flavors"
    (PG-13;Jack/Teal'c; Humor; posted 4/14/06)
    Teal'c really likes his ice cream.

  • "Victory Fries"
    (G; Humor; Sam/Jack; posted 4/20/06)
    One of these days he'll learn.

  • "Cover Me"
    (PG-13; Jack/Daniel; Humor; posted 5/31/06)
    Sometimes it's just too easy.

  • "Say Goodbye to Broadway"
    (PG; Gen; Humor; posted 6/2/06)
    "Don't quit your day job."

  • "Measure of a Man"
    (NC-17; Jack/Daniel; Humor; posted 8/4/06)
    Just one more thing for Jack and Daniel to argue about.

  • "Lost in Translation"
    (PG; Team; Humor; posted 8/28/06)
    It seemed like just a tiny error in translation.

  • "But It's a Good Refrain"
    (PG; Gen; Humor; posted 9/5/06)
    Sometime your worst enemy is the only one you can count on.

  • "Never Fully Dressed without a Smile"
    (PG; Gen; Humor; posted 9/5/06)
    The things she does for her planet..

  • "And You Peacemakers Go to the Same Place as Soldiers"
    (PG; Gen; Angst; posted 9/5/06)
    Sam's desperation to help her team has unthinkable consequences.

  • "Five AUs that SG-1 agrees to never speak of again"
    (posted 9/10/06)

  • Five moods Jack hates seeing Sam in
    (posted 9/11/06)

  • "Five books Jack O'Neill cannot live without"
    (posted 9/11/06)

  • "And I Am Looking Up at the Stars"
    (G; Gen; posted 9/12/06)
    Teal'c, post-Threshold

  • "Five reasons the SGC needs Siler's giant wrench"
    (posted 9/24/06)

  • "Five baby names that Jack suggested and Sam refused to even consider"
    (posted 9/26/06)

  • "Five remedies Jack suggested to Sam when she had the hiccups off-world"
    (posted 10/3/06)

  • "Five other times Cam Mitchell lost his pants (or all his clothes)"
    (posted 10/5/06)

  • "Cam's first Thanksgiving with the team"
    (PG. Gen. Team. S9. Posted 11/25/06)

  • "Five movies Teal'c showed Vala when she joined the SGC"
    (Posted 11/30/06)

  • "Five moments Teal'c lost faith"
    (Posted 12/5/06)

  • "The signs that the signmakers made"
    (R. Sam/Jack/Daniel. S10. Posted 12/12/06)
    They're all tired.

  • "Five things John Sheppard envied Cam Mitchell"
    (Posted 12/13/06)

  • "Have yourself a merry little Christmas"
    (G. Team. Posted 12/24/06)

  • "Five days that make Sam wish she'd stayed in bed"
    (Posted 12/28/06)

  • "Five resolutions that Sam Carter broke"
    (Posted 1/14/07)

  • "Perfection"
    (G. Sam/Jack. S7. Posted 2/20/07)
    He wouldn't have her any other way.

  • "Near Miss"
    (PG-13. Sam/Jack. Post-series. Posted 2/20/07)
    They'd done the long-distance thing before, but this was ridiculous.

  • Five reasons Vala started wearing pigtails
    (PG. Posted 3/20/07)

  • The one where of course aliens make them do it. And Daniel is a big perv
    (Implied Sam/Jack, Sam/Daniel. Posted 4/26/07)

  • Five things SG-1 did, when they were the only ones turned into 8-year-olds for 24 hours, at the SGC
    (Gen. Team. Posted 4/29/07)

  • Five things Jack O'Neill wants written on his gravestone
    (Gen. Posted 4/30/07)

  • "Da Capo"
    (G. Gen. Sam. Teal'c. Spoilers: Unending. Posted 7/02/07)
    He's simply changed key.

  • "Good Girls Don't Give a Gosh Darn"
    (R - language. Gen. Sam. Jack. Team. Humor. Posted 7/03/07)
    Jack thought she was more wholesome.

  • "Soft Touch"
    (R - sexual situations. Sam/Jack. Posted 7/13/07)
    He really is the man.

  • "Observation of fine structure lines"
    (NC-17 - explicit sex. Sam/Jack. Posted 7/17/07)
    Astrophysics porn.

  • "And Stars Awaken Above Me"
    (NC-17 - explicit sex. Sam/Vala. Apocafic. 879 words. Posted 7/18/07)
    "I didn't think you underestimated people.".

  • "Put My Roadmaps Away"
    (NC-17 - explicit sex. Sam/Vala. 1884 words. Posted 7/29/07)
    Sam. Vala. Motorcycle. Leather pants.

  • "Taken in Hand"
    (NC-17 - explicit sex. Sam/Jack. 1842 words. Posted 8/20/07)
    Doing things the hard way.

  • "Articles of War"
    (PG-13 - language. Jack/Teal'c. 551 words. Posted 9/08/07)
    Some battles are better lost.

  • "This Mountain in the Wind"
    (PG - language. Teal'c/Jack. 929 words. Posted 9/13/07)
    "We have had this discussion. I will not leave you."

  • "Girls on Film"
    (NC-17 - explicit sex. Sam/Vala. 592 words. Posted 10/03/07)
    "Samantha Carter, I didn't think you were that kind of girl."

  • Five nightmares/memories Sam still experiences with PTSD-like intensity
    (Gen. Posted 10/8/2007).

  • "When I go into the grass of the sea floor, I will go alone"
    (Stargate Atlantis. PG-13. Gen. Sam. John. 632 words. Posted 10/14/07)
    "Make me understand."

  • "Information Doesn't Kill You"
    (R - sexual situations, language. Sam/Vala. 555 words. Posted 10/22/07)
    It's not what you say, but how you say it.

  • "The Copernican Principle"
    (Stargate Atlantis. NC-17. Sam/Ronon. 985 words. Posted 11/5/07)
    "The Earth is not in a central, specially favored position."

  • "Scratching an Itch"
    (Stargate SG-1. NC-17. Sam/Jack. 995 words. Posted 02/25/08)
    "Jack had thought sex on the dock a brilliant idea at the time."

  • "Let Me Tell You the Song of This Town"
    (Stargate SG-1. PG-13. Sam/Jack. 2839 words. Posted 04/26/08)
    Karma's a bitch.

  • "I Can Hear Machinery (Blinding me with science)"
    (SG-1/Iron Man movie. PG-13. Sam/Tony Stark. 2700 words. Posted 08/28/2009)
    Five times Tony Stark hit on Sam Carter

  • "Old Habits"
    (Iron Man movies/Stargate SG-1. Tony/Vala. 3000 words. Posted 12/6/2010)
    Tony hasn't quite got the hang of this superhero thing yet...

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