Earth-shattering Kaboom: Stargate Apocafic Recs

Teal'c: "Thor was correct. We are going to die."
O'Neill: "Oh, c'mon, Teal'c, lighten up. We've been in these situations before."
Carter: "No, Sir, we haven't."
O'Neill: "We haven't?"

The end of the world. In technicolor.

New. 2/20/2009.
  • Now the Sun has Come to Earth by Abyssis. Sam. Teal'c. PG.01/15/09
  • Those Days Of Sahara by Synecdochic. Cam. Sam. 01/15/09
  • Girl In the War by dirty Diana. Sam/Cam. PG. 01/15/09
  • Fingerlengths by ayamgila. Sam/Jack. PG. 01/15/09
  • Embracing the Darkness Within by ticklie. R. Sam/Daniel, Sam/Baal/Daniel-ish. 01/15/09
  • Bend Low Towards the Dirt by Jenn. Jack/Cam. R. 01/15/09
  • without any fuss by Ness. Crossovers (sort of): The Stand, Jericho, Deep Impact01/15/09
  • At The Hour When We Are Trembling by frostfire. SG-1/SGA. Daniel/John. NC-17. 01/15/09
  • Train A Comin' by dirty diana. Cam/Sam. R. 01/15/09
  • Beneath the Stains of Time by Annerb. Sam/Jack. Mature. 01/15/09
  • the joy that you find here you've borrowed by paian. 02/17/09
  • Ashes to Ashes by Kellifer. Cam/Sam/Daniel. PG-13. 02/17/09
  • Strange Celebrations by Cofax. Team. Original SG-1. Gen. PG. 02/17/09
  • Winter by cminor131. Sam/Jack. PG-13.02/17/09
  • Incresco by Kellifer. Sam/Daniel. Adult themes.02/17/09
  • West Wind by Holdouttrout. Implied Sam/Cam. Teen. 02/17/09
  • Bleed by Eve 11. 02/17/09
  • Grey Between by Rowan D. Sam/Cam. R 02/17/09
  • Broken Touch by annaK. Sam/Daniel, Sam/Jack, Sam/Pete. Adult. 02/17/09
  • Wings of the Apocalypse by Shaz. Sam/Jack. AU. T. 02/17/09
  • With A Bottle Of Red by phrentis. Elizabeth/John. PG. 02/17/09
  • Our Lost Skies Reborn by Jenn. Sam/Daniel. NC-17. 02/17/09
  • I Shall Have No Sorrow by Jenn. MacGyver/SG-1. Humor. PG. 02/17/09
  • The Hard Prayer by Rheanna. AU. John/Rodney. 02/17/09


    These recs encompass all and no pairings, all ratings, and a wide variety of content, occasionally of the sexual or violent variety. Please note author warnings on individual stories.

    Stargate SG-1

  • Ashes to Ashes by Kellifer. Cam/Sam/Daniel. PG-13. 02/17/09
    Excerpt: Cameron is the one who explains to the kids just why they sleep three to a bed, when all the other adults sleep in pairs or by themselves.

    "We're just used to doing everything together," he says with a shrug and for some reason that's enough when it comes to Cameron. Sam knows that if she tried the same vague, noncommittal answer they would pepper her with endless questions.

    She's resorted to saying, "Ask Cameron," for most of the stickier issues.

    The other adults take it at face value, a side effect of living in a Brave New World. Everyone has their own problems and their own way of dealing with them and three people sleeping together is certainly not the weirdest way to tame your demons. Sam's glad for the acceptance, mostly understanding that people think it's her and Cameron looking after Daniel even though that's not strictly true.

    They are all broken and only when they fit their jagged pieces together do they lie smooth.

  • Bend Low Towards the Dirt by Jenn. Jack/Cam. R. 01/15/09
    Excerpt: At night he has to give up the truck bed so the farmer and his wife (and the dog) can sleep up off the ground. Cam always unrolls his sleeping bag a good thirty yards from the truck. It gives the farmer some privacy, and he's still in range if something goes wrong.

    It also gives Cam privacy, to stare up at the stars and think about how he'll tell O'Neill, if indeed O'Neill still lives, when he gets to Washington D.C. More than that, the night, with all its silence and slowly ticking moments, lets him think about them. About how they looked and sounded, when they smiled and when they were serious, and even when they were fed up with him. About how they smelled, for God's sake…

    It's Carter's teasing grin, Daniel's pensive expression, Teal'c's lifted brow, Vala's innocent mask; all of it pins him down to the ground under a star-filled sky and makes him ache with despair. And when the other images take over, the ones that bring fear-filled cries; heavy, hitching breaths; blood smeared skin… he lets the tears trickle from his eyes and down to the destroyed earth beneath him.

    As they get closer to Washington the dread weighs down his eagerness to see a familiar face. He instinctively knows this won't go well…

  • Beneath the Stains of Time by Annerb. Sam/Jack. Mature. 01/15/09
    Excerpt: The landscape around them has begun to change, white giving way to grey and then brown and green. The ship plunges down towards the ground, hovering just above the treetops. But then the trees give way to buildings and streets.

    It takes Jack's over-stimulated, sluggish brain a while to recognize what's missing. "People," he says. "Where are the people?"

    Vala is staring straight ahead again, her eyes on the sky instead of the empty deserts that had once been cities. "The Stain," she says. "It spread."

  • Bleed by Eve 11. 02/17/09
    Excerpt: Of course there's no need for layman's terms. Jack and Teal'c are buried in the rubble of Cheyenne Mountain, and now Daniel . . . there's no one left.

    A wave of exhaustion hits her. It's late, it's dark, her hands feel heavy and her face feels numb. Her vision jitters. For a few seconds she finds herself staring at a jumble of incomprehensible wires and crystals, and she has no idea what to do. Panic claws its way up her chest, seizing muscle and breath. She can't sleep and if she looks up she'll see his pack in the corner. His boots. His hat. Jesus, Daniel.

  • Broken Touch by annaK. Sam/Daniel, Sam/Jack, Sam/Pete. Adult. 02/17/09
    Excerpt: It was three days after the end of the world when she first woke up. She'd missed the fireworks. Craggy roads and twisted buildings and all she knew was the smell of sulphur in the air and the tang of blood against her tongue. Jack (she's not sure when she started thinking of him as Jack-maybe when her dog tags started to singe her flesh and the word General tasted worse than the food she'd foraged from the trash) was in the mountain when It hit. She thinks (hopes, prays-though to what she's not sure) that Teal'c was off-world. Daniel was by her side. She thinks he's real, remembers confessions at a briefing room table that suggest the fact she can walk through him doesn't mean she's hallucinating.

  • A Congregation of Days by Otter. Jack/Daniel. Team. 8/23/2005
    Excerpt: When Jack found him, Daniel was ankle-deep in mud, attempting to coax a very pregnant horse into the dry barn by pushing on her backside. He'd obviously had little success in the effort so far, because he was covered in mud and the mare looked pretty impassive about the whole thing.

    Jack tugged down on the hood of his slicker to keep the rain out of his eyes and leaned against the paddock fence, where he could watch the ongoing struggle without getting himself any wetter. "I could be wrong, Daniel," he hollered, "but it looks like you're losing."

  • The Dirt of Sowing and Reaping by Salieri. Jack/Sam/Daniel. 8/11/2005
    Excerpt: The sickle rises and falls, gleaming. Now, though, everyone knows the sound of breaking bones, on an intimate and a more general scale. Here in Carole, where they are surrounded by pasture and cornfields at the crossing of roads that no longer go anywhere, the knowledge is worked into the lines of their hands like the dirt of sowing and reaping. There are no regular people.

  • Embracing the Darkness Within by ticklie. R. Sam/Daniel, Sam/Baal/Daniel-ish. 01/15/09
    Excerpt: Billions of people with a free will to hand over. It makes perfect sense that Adria would find Earth suddenly more attractive now that the rest of the galaxy is fighting the rapid progress of the virus.

    This is one of her own failings that Sam has accepted. However, there is a death she will avenge at all costs. And Sam is pretty much going to seize any chance she can to get back at Adria.

    The idea is crazy, completely demented, but in that silent staredown both Sam and Baal know that this is their last chance at revenge. If handing over her humanity is the last chance Sam's going to get before the virus turns her into a mindless animal, then that's what she's going to do.

  • The Fic in Which Thor Blows Up Earth by Floopygirl. Humor. Sam/Jack. 8/23/2005
    Excerpt: "This is a matter of principles. We were able to overlook the car chases, believing them to be a mere eccentricity of your people, but the mailing lists are too much." The little grey man touched another crystal in front of him and a force shield rose up between him and the two humans. "I am sorry that you'll have to see this."

  • Fingerlengths by ayamgila. Sam/Jack. PG. 01/15/09
    Excerpt: The sun is burning orange on the horizon when he finally finds an intact gas station. The walls are scorched, but the second pump he tries works. He fills the tank then rifles the shop for food and water. As the sun burns the back of his neck he traces his route on a pilfered map spread across the hood of his truck.

    On the map it seems like nothing.

  • Five Billion Years of Sunshine by Maayan. PG13 - NC17. 8/23/2005
    Excerpt: Jack was framed by the sky, red and ripe as the devil. He jabbed a righteous finger at the rain. "That's right. They were too busy trampling each other in supermarkets and spitting on my friends' graves."

    Five ways in which SG-1 doesn't manage to save the world. Detailed, imaginative, very evocative examples of SG-1 being on the losing end.

  • Girl In the War by dirty Diana. Sam/Cam. PG. 01/15/09
    Excerpt: He turns up the radio, playing Frank Sinatra, but it doesn't drown out the sound of his fingers tapping on the steering wheel until she gets back.

    Cam still drives his Mustang. When the SGC became just another foothold, another rallying point in the campaign to bring Origin to the rest of the galaxy, he couldn't hit the gas fast enough getting out of Colorado. That car is one of the first things he ever bought. It's one of the only things that he still has left.

    It seems like it shouldn't matter, but it does.

  • Grey Between by Rowan D. Sam/Cam. R 02/17/09
    Excerpt: Grocery stores were once torturous. The trivial act of stocking her refrigerator felt like an excruciating waste of time. She resented every moment away from her lab. Separating garbage into jars and newsprint and cleaning leaves out of gutters felt like a traitorous indulgence while the Goa'uld were devouring civilizations and torturing innocent souls in the guise of interrogation.

    She stares into the supply closet and ice chest at the New Settlement Movement headquarters, the makeshift stock from which she will retrieve her week's rations, and she thinks the aisles of the local A&P would feel like a trip to Disneyland.

    All the days she sat beneath alien suns, marveled at the beauty of advanced societies and felt shame at the primitive state of her own world, she never understood how grateful she was to set foot on Earthly soil again at the end of each mission; how much she loved her garden, her car, her denim skirt, her cat.

  • Half-Life by Jennghis Kahn. Sam/Daniel, Jack/Daniel, Sam/Jack UST. 10/31/2006
    Excerpt: The confusion was debilitating.

    They are still finding the bodies of the suicides. They are tucked away in dark corners of the ship like animals crawling away to die alone. The whole world has been lost. For some, life has become negligible.

    Daniel has lost his world as well, but he's been through this before. He's lost his world many times and gone on. When his parents died, when he was blacklisted, when Sha're was taken. This time, he's lost his world but not the people he loves. He's starting to wonder though… how long until he finds Jack or Sam tucked away in a corner.

  • Hold the Lullabies by Karen T. Sam/Daniel, implied Sam/Jack. R. Drama. Angst. 11/7/2005
    Excerpt: You can't stop counting.

    You count the people who mill about you, many of them mumbling nonsense under their breaths. You count the bottles of water you see being passed about, all too conscious that each bottle drank may potentially come back to bite everyone in the ass. You count all the ways in which this was never supposed to happen.

    Most of all, you count the days and remember.

  • I Shall Have No Sorrow by Jenn. MacGyver/SG-1. Humor. PG. 02/17/09
    Excerpt: "Where were you stationed?" Mac asked, curiously. There was something about them, something that didn't scream soldier to him, but didn't scream civilian to him either.

    Sam and Daniel glanced at each other, and something passed between them. Daniel shrugged and shook his head at the woman. "It doesn't matter now."

    Sam transferred her gaze to Mac. "Cheyenne Mountain."

    He opened his mouth in surprise. "Ahh." Colorado had been the source of the deadly, world-ending plague, and suddenly Mac felt things start to prickle in his memory. They were close enough now that he could see the details on their uniforms. The pointed lack of patches and insignia. Close enough that he could see the tiny dark spots on Sam's faded blue collar. Looking suspiciously like the shape of an oak leaf.

    If she was an officer, no wonder she'd taken the insignia off.

  • Incresco by Kellifer. Sam/Daniel. Adult themes.02/17/09
    Excerpt: They try every third day at two o'clock in the afternoon. Sam has a hand-held radio with parts and wires hanging off it that she'd managed to rig to have a strong enough signal. If anyone opens the 'gate they'll be able to hear the transmission.

    They leave the radio on for only half an hour and then shut it off. The only way to get a signal strong enough is to use a power pack from a staff weapon and they only have two so they try to be sparing in their use. Who knows how long they will have to keep trying?

    They sit, shoulder to shoulder, thigh to thigh, waiting.

    Daniel's not sure when he gave up hoping to hear something and he wonders if Sam's seemingly endless faith is enough for both of them.

  • In the Wrong Story by Katie M. PG-13. Sam/Jack UST, Jack/Daniel UST, Sam/Daniel, Jack/Sam/Daniel. PG-13.8/11/2005
    Excerpt: They spend more than three weeks on the road, between detours and some appallingly bad road maintenance and the inconveniences involved in gassing up after world's end.

    To be fair, they're also driving across Texas, and that took forever even in the good old days.

    At the edge of Austin - or what was Austin, once upon a time - they pull into an abandoned Shell station. This part of the country was hit hard anyway, and they're close enough to the city that any survivors stay away for fear of contamination. Carter assures him the toxin's long since gone, though, and the place is nearly untouched. The doors leading to the mini-mart are locked, with a sun-yellowed piece of paper taped to the inside of one saying closed for "QUARENTINE".

    Misspellings used to bug the crap out of Jack, back in the day. Actually, he admits to himself, they still do. So does that weird quotation mark emphasis thing. But when he breaks the glass he goes through the other door, because somehow the thought of damaging that sign feels like disturbing a grave.

    A delightful threesome romantic comedy in apocalyptic form. After Sam retrieves Jack post-apocalypse, she, Jack and Daniel try and figure out how they all fit together. I believe this is the story that started of the OT3 (and probably the post-apocalypse) trend in SG-1 fandom (at least on livejournal).

  • the joy that you find here you've borrowed by paian. 02/17/09
    Excerpt: It's unlikely that any of them will ever walk on a world with a stargate again in their lifetime.

    After the Alpha Site, the Beta Site and the Gamma Site, they're still assuming it was a strike aimed at Stargate Command specifically, and they stop looking for a rendezvous point and backup and start looking for aid. After Dakara and the Tok'ra's three last known bases, they still hold out the morbid hope that it was a strike against the old alliance, an Ori attempt to neutralize their major opponents, so they go to beg help from more neutral -- and powerful -- parties. PC3-117, P5S-381 and P7X-377 look like every other planet they've tried, and if the Nox or the Gadmeer or the giant aliens are home, nobody's answering the phone.

    They stop looking for help and focus on finding survivors.

    Carter and Marks generate a search grid and an itinerary so that they won't waste any more time or energy crisscrossing the galaxy. Planet after planet goes dark on the map as they find the same thing, over and over again: all life wiped out by a massive burst of radiation with the stargate at the epicenter.

    It's as if the galaxy has turned into a negative of itself. An inversion, like the astronomers' images you see sometimes, black sprays of stars on a ghost-white, gray-white, frost-white field. Not white white, not the white of a movie star's teeth, not the white of frothy breakers on a moonlit beach; the not-white white of afterglare, the inverted image your optic nerve keeps sending to your brain after a blinding flash.

  • Just Another End of the World Tale of Woe by not jenny. R. Mary-Kate/Ashley RPF, Jack/Cassie. 8/23/2005
    Excerpt: The comics were wrong: Cher didn't survive the apocalypse.

    So incredibly wrong, yet utterly hysterical crack. This is like Jack's worst nightmare of the end of the world.

  • The Last Christmas by Annerb. PG. Classic Team. 2/3/2007
    Excerpt: She reaches for her handgun and warily makes her way through the dank corridors. About halfway down the hallway an access shaft door has been ripped off, standing ajar to open air. Sam breathes deeply with disbelief. She can almost smell snow and evergreen on the wind that flows through the tunnel from twenty levels above.

    The poison on the surface was non-persistent, clearing weeks before, but the survivors still huddle underground by unspoken agreement. Everyday they continue to breathe nothing but musty, recycled air. Just as they had while the world ended above them.

    Sam had been the one to check the surface out initially, to look for survivors. There were none. Not even plants. The eerie quiet of the lifeless planet was worse than the dim, ragged halls of their underground prison. She had never made the trek again.

  • Now the Sun has Come to Earth by Abyssis. Sam. Teal'c. PG.01/15/09
    Excerpt: It seems appropriate that Teal'c, who has always been the stable force beside her as everyone else slipped in and out of her life, is here with her now, at the end.

    The sand is wet and cold between her toes, but she doesn't let the chill bother her. It will be gone soon enough. Teal'c is warmth pressed against her side and surrounding her hand as they watch the waves chase each other to shore. "Tell me we're doing the right thing," Sam whispers, shivering as an evening breeze brushes uneven strands of hair against the back of her neck.

  • Our Lost Skies Reborn by Jenn. Sam/Daniel. NC-17. 02/17/09
    Excerpt: He has a common name. He painted it, and his general location, on the Wall of Survivors-a concrete barrier on Interstate 55 in Chicago that withstood the destruction-with all the others, even though he has no family and Sarah is half a world away with no hope of returning. Putting his name into script seemed a last act of defiance to him. I survived. I live. I go on. Twice now he's had visitors, and both times he's had to turn them away disappointed.

    He's no one's long lost son or brother or husband, never has been.

    But this woman looks at him as though the sun is rising in his eyes. She knows his face.

    "Who are you?" he asks. He's dimly aware that she could be a fruitcake looking to latch on. There were many who lost their minds when the bombs stopped falling.

    "My name is Samantha Carter," she replies, and he watches as she struggles for her next words. "And we've met before."

  • Paths Worth Exploring by Katie M. Sam/Daniel. NC-17. Prequel to "In the Wrong Story" 8/11/2005
    Excerpt: It didn't really matter, which was a relief. Two weeks since they'd fled Colorado Springs, and Sam was well and truly ready to think about something that didn't matter. She and Daniel together had made seventeen calls before the cellphones went out, going name by name through their stored numbers. Nine had been answered; in the end, thirteen people had gathered just west of Punkin Center, and Sam had been in charge from the beginning.

    She was trained for military command; she was practiced in working with a tiny, close-knit team, where most of the interpersonal issues had been long since settled. She didn't feel prepared for the volatile combination of fear and fury she was faced with now, coming from spouses and children who had finally learned the truth about their loved one's life on the same day that they'd learned of their likely death. They wanted someone to tell them what to do, and they wanted someone to blame, and there she was, twice over.

  • Pieces by nanda. PG-13. Jack/Daniel. 8/11/2005
    Excerpt: "Jack, are you sure you don't remember any of this?"

    "Haven't we had this conversation before?"

    "Yes, Jack. Yes, we have. So great to have you up and around again, did I mention that?"

    The tone is sarcastic but it works, wriggling in to Jack's subconscious. Daniel, after all, has spent the better part of a year thinking Jack was mostly dead, watching the world fall to bits, and losing people one by one.

    Jack, on the other hand, is just exceptionally well rested.

    Lost City AU of sorts, where Daniel gets to a still-trapped Jack in Antarctica after Earth is attacked. Though about Jack and Daniel's relationship, this transcends all the limitations of a pairing story and opens up the bonds between the whole team as Jack and Daniel face the end together.

  • The Sky Is Falling by Minxy. Sam/Cameron. 10/31/2006
    Excerpt: "That's other planets, Sam; this is Earth. Well, the Prometheus… you know what I mean." He suddenly felt old and creaky, curling up on his side to soak up the warmth of the fire, though all he really felt was a few withdrawing licks of light and heat on his knees. "This is months and seasons and it's time to appreciate that we're in France, even if we just pulled a bunch of vines to plant wheat." It was a weird rationalization on their part, to drink in honor of the vines that were sacrificed, but who was he to argue?

    "Are you giving up on me?" Spelling it out because obviously he was in no condition for subtlety, but she sounded young when she said it.

  • The Slumbering Place in the Stars by Jennghis Kahn. Gen. R. 2/3/2007
    Excerpt: By the time they got down to the courtyard, the people were gone. Jack and Teal'c walked lazily around the well and peered into the shops, but the streets were strangely empty now. The fog was finally lifting as well. By Jack's watch it was late afternoon, although no sign of the sun could be found. He stood on one narrow, cobblestone street and watched the mist slide over the surface. It moved languorously, slithering from side to side toward the sea.

    Apparently there was nothing about this town that wasn't fucking odd.

    A wonderfully creepy Lovecraftian adventure/mystery.

  • Strange Celebrations by Cofax. Team. Original SG-1. Gen. PG. 02/17/09
    Excerpt: Teal'c took the fruit into the kitchen alcove: Sam heard the swish of him sharpening a knife before using it. He was by far the best cook of them all, and they always ate better when Teal'c was around. Which wasn't as often as she would like: he was spending more and more time with Bra'tac and Rak'nor, making the rounds of Rebel Jaffa camps and sneaking into Goa'uld strongholds to foment revolution. Multi-tasking had survived the apocalypse. Shut up, it's not the apocalypse. We don't know what happened.

    The fall of Earth had slowed the Jaffa rebellion, but in no way stopped it. Daniel had guessed that within a generation the Goa'uld would lose most of their armies; the tipping point was fast approaching.

  • "This is Not Wartime" series by Cofax. Multiple parts, multiple pairings. G-R. 8/11/2005
    Summary: SG-1 saved the world for eight years and running. What if, a little way into Season 7, they didn't? An incredible, wide-ranging series of stories that detail SG-1 failing to save the world, and then struggling to win it back. A complex, tense plot, fantastic character moments, engaging original characters, this series has a little bit of everything and excels at all of it.

  • This is the Way by Ness. Sam/Jack. PG. 2/3/2007
    Excerpt: Hailey's already started the evacuation by the time they get back to camp -- Carter, he knows, would have warned her about the possibility before they left -- so they really only have to worry about their own gear. She takes their quarters, he dismantles his office, and afterwards they help the civilians. It always surprises him how quickly these people can pack up and move out on a moment's notice -- several hundred people should equal unparalleled chaos.

    Then again, they have had a lot of practice over the years. .

  • Those Days Of Sahara by Synecdochic. Cam. Sam. 01/15/09
    Excerpt: "Momma always said I'd never be a saint," Cam said, once, when word came back around, when they realized the stories had taken on a life of their own and they were being given credit for miracles they hadn't been within five hundred miles of.

  • Train A Comin' by dirty diana. Cam/Sam. R. 01/15/09
    Excerpt: The big hand moves until it's time for prostration, and they go. Teal'c grabs his hat from the rack on the door. Daniel wears the hood up on a fleece sweatshirt, and Cam a Royals ball cap. The Ori might be all-knowing, but on a clear day they're just three more in a crowd of faithful.

    "Hallowed are the Ori," Jackson mumbles under his breath. The hours pass painfully slowly, almost as if time has stopped.

  • Weather Vane by Ari. Gen. 10/31/2006
    Excerpt: "We can't," Sam says, and Jack struggles against relief that she is, or seems, in charge, or at least in control, even if she is reminding them that whatever destroyed others could be hiding, invisible, temporarily resting, or already in their bodies. She is halfway to the infirmary, to Janet's methodical records, when Jack's hand stops her -- there is time enough for panic's jerky movements and doomed heroics; in this moment they can, the four of them, let the rain drip through their hair and down their cheeks, and they're all in one piece and can almost force smiles. Wait a moment, Carter. They share a glance Daniel couldn't comprehend, an unspoken acknowledgment that this is or could be the last glance, and then Jack nods his head and they retreat into the mountain, eerily quiet in the midafternoon, brilliantly lit and so silent they can almost hear the rain thirty floors above, blind, bright, tremendous, drowning corpses and cars without prejudice or animation.

    There is first a flurry of movement, which Jack hates, and horror-movie inspired creeping, as if Janet herself might be around any corner. Daniel's face is frozen in a parody of fear that's so exaggerated it's almost ridiculous, except that Jack's cheek muscles seem determined to mimic the expression. Then Sam nicks his arm with a needle, and there's nothing left but waiting, results, microscopes and analysis, bad news and more bad news, the slow absorption of their fate and the flickering television set that shows static, high-pitched emergency broadcast recordings, then more static, then a cartoon that's scarier than all the rest because it means that, at least sometimes, this death comes unexpectedly.

  • A White Dove by Jemima Pierre. PG. S7 AU. Sam/Jack. 8/23/2005
    Excerpt: He came from the southeast, because the Goa'uld had killed everyone to the north. Anubis had come to this world in the winter; by spring there were no farmers to plant new crops in a circle of land a thousand miles wide where the Goa'uld had killed everyone. Come summer the fields were barren and unwatered; the locals were already calling it a great dust bowl.

  • West Wind by Holdouttrout. Implied Sam/Cam. Teen. 02/17/09
    Excerpt: He found her in a little shit-hole on a backwater planet. She was curled on a pillow, her arm hanging limply over the edge. She was filthy and her hair was matted. She was bone-thin and the dress hung off her frame like rags.

  • Wings of the Apocalypse by Shaz. Sam/Jack. AU. T. 02/17/09
    Excerpt: She saw the veins in his temple flutter in time with each pulse of his heart, and she stared at them in fascination. A light sheen of sweat clung to his pink skin, and she grimaced in distaste.

    "We made a mistake, Sam."

    She leant forwards in her chair, resting her warm palms against the rough grains of the table. "It took you this long to figure it out? And don't call me Sam."

    "Then what do I call you?"

    "I believe the number is 5041," she said icily. "Don't you know that, Samuels? We don't have names in here. We're just a bunch of fucking numbers."

    "We have seven months until the planet is wiped out, Carter," he blurted out. "Seven months until every last one of us is gone. And that's optimistic," he added casually.

    She gave a low whistle through her teeth, and leant back in her chair again, tensing as the weak wood groaned beneath her weight. "And what do you expect me to do about it?" she demanded. "I'm kinda tied up at the moment." The cuffs and chains on her wrists clinked as she raised her hands towards him almost mockingly.

  • Winter by cminor131. Sam/Jack. PG-13.02/17/09
    Excerpt: She and Jack meet in the observation room every morning to see the crawl of winter across their planet, watching every day in tense fascination. Their loyalty comes from the ridiculous certainty that if they stop watching, something even worse will happen and the least they could do is stop the world from being destroyed even worse. After all, they guess, it's kind of their planet now, being that they're the only ones who are there to witness its slow decay. Sudden responsibility and ownership of an entire planet is something so inconceivable that all they do is watch it carefully. It reminds Sam of kindergarten and waiting for an egg to hatch in the nest she made.

  • Winter by Jennghis Kahn. Sam/Jack. 2/3/2007
    Excerpt: He finds her standing in the remains of his house two months after the world ends and the winter begins. He's coming back with an armful of firewood, and he sees a human being bundled into a huge parka, standing in the open space of his living room. The initial bombings of Cheyenne Mountain and Colorado Springs had taken down most of the walls of his house, leaving him with an impromptu patio now covered in snow.

    He isn't sure who it is at first, but he suspects. There's a certain familiarity to the height and the stance and the way the figure kicks forlornly at the snow drifting over the jagged drywall. There's a sudden lump in his throat that threatens to sink into his chest and send him to his knees. He so wants it to be her, but he's afraid to wish for it. The wind is blowing the ever-falling snow in delicate spirals between them, and she turns as he drops the wood. The hood around her face, ringed with long fur, can't hide the wide blue eyes.

  • without any fuss by Ness. Crossovers (sort of): The Stand, Jericho, Deep Impact01/15/09
    Excerpt: Pausing to get his bearings, he watches as Carter kicks away a stop sign, revealing one of Apophis' men. The Jaffa is still alive, fingers scrabbling in the dirt beside him, dry lips moving soundlessly.

    Without any fuss, Carter raises her gun and puts a bullet between his eyes. She walks on.

    After a moment, Jack follows.

  • The World Afterwards by Seldear. PG-13. 8/23/2005
    Excerpt: We thought we could hold them off. We thought ourselves invincible. We thought wrong.

    Series of drabbles which string together to tell a sparse but compelling story about Jack taking back the world on his own terms.

  • Year One and Year Two by Holdouttrout. Sam/Jack. 2/3/2007
    Excerpt: The world ended in red and fire and smoke and screaming where life had been gray, the SGC burning from the bottom up, forcing its people up into a world filled with the dry leaves of fall.

    Stargate: Atlantis

  • The Hard Prayer by Rheanna. AU. John/Rodney. 02/17/09
    Excerpt: The answer takes almost half an hour and by the end of it, John is hardly any wiser as to how McKay's gadget managed to pinpoint his location ("It's only got a fifteen hundred meter radius, although I have a few ideas about extending that.") but he has found out some things about McKay. He's learned that he's Canadian ("From Ontario, originally; I came to the U.S. to study at M.I.T. and never went back."); and that he's a genius ("I know people say that all the time, but I actually am -- top point-oh-oh-one percentile by any of the generally accepted measures of IQ. Basically, I'm so far up the bell curve I'm hardly even on it."); and that he likes to talk ("Okay, I know I'm running on a little, here, but you're the first person I've seen in nearly a year, so I think I can be forgiven in this instance.")

    John had already figured the last one out for himself.

  • The Last Walk Home by Auburn. Rodney/John implied. 10/31/2006
    Excerpt: Half way up, the sky flared white again. They buried their faces against wet earth and fallen pine needles, the scent of mold and mud and river water filling their lungs. This time they heard the sound of it, so loud the earth quivered under them. John pressed his face against the dirt with his arms over his head until he could hear again.

    So much for the best case scenario, not that it had exactly been pleasing. Now he was looking at thinking a war would be better than any of the other things he knew were possible.

  • Legion the Things I Would Give to Oblivion by Auburn. R. Threesome. AU. SG-1 crossover. 4/08/2006
    Excerpt: Four.


    Something hit the iris. The Marines still aiming rifles at them jumped. John hoped it had been a Wraith.


    "One," he said.

    "Down!" Rodney yelled, throwing himself over John.

    In a wrecked city , in another galaxy, the self-destruct they'd designed used the last remaining energy in their ZPM to trigger an overload in the engaged Stargate, starting a naquadah reaction. For a nanosecond, as it detonated, the heart of a sun poured plasma through the open wormhole. It hit the iris as the Atlantis Stargate overloaded.

    Light pushed around the pieces of the iris and a single section blew out, spearing through the blast door and reinforced glass, through the control room behind that, through a computer, a reinforced concrete wall and into a conference room to lodge like a quivering spear under a framed picture of President Hayes.

  • Night Breeze by Greensilver. 8/23/2005
    Excerpt: The tent exists in a small, dark space in her mind that is absolutely static, resisting change, seeking sanctuary in the comfort of the familiar. The transporter surrounds that space, closing in on it slowly, silently; gradually forcing the dark space to constrict, to grow smaller and smaller as it retreats from what is real.

    The transporter is a predator, and the dark space is too stubborn to realize that it is prey.

    She moves her hands restlessly across the metal deck, across the earth, and tries to focus her thoughts. Distant voices skitter across her awareness like water bugs just barely disturbing the surface of a pond, casting tiny ripples that distract and disorient her just enough to keep her slightly off-balance. Even so, she's getting better all the time, faster, and now she can pick out one voice and skip to another without lingering long enough to give her presence away.

    One says, We were promised a feast, but there is only this worthless city, and its puny humans would not feed a hiver.

    One says, There were only enough on land to feed a few.

    One says, The portal will not activate. The humans lied. There is no new feeding ground.

    And when her concentration weakens just for a moment, one says: The harvest is not over. We know you are here.

  • Three Fates by Auburn. NC-17. Novel-length. AU. Sheppard/McKay, Sheppard/McKay/Weir. 4/08/2006
    Excerpt: Yeah. Sorry. McKay? I think you need to get up here and look at this."

    "What is it?"

    "According to what I'm reading, the city's been shut down and underwater for about nine hundred sixty-three years."

    "What? That's not possible. We left yester - " Rodney's voice had been rising toward hysteria, but it cut off. That meant he'd thought of something important enough to derail his usual doom and panic response. He came back on the radio sounding detached and strangely calm. "I'm coming up there."

    "Good idea."

    SG-1/SGA Crossovers

  • At The Hour When We Are Trembling by frostfire. SG-1/SGA. Daniel/John. NC-17. 01/15/09
    Excerpt: When the mountain blows, they're out of the danger zone, but they hit the dirt and cover their heads, and when it's over they stare out over the landscape, fire and rubble and dead people and dead Wraith, and then John's new friend takes a breath and says, "We need to get out of here. Get people together and go…somewhere else."

    "Right," says John, trying to remember that he's a leader, that he might even be the one in charge at this point, and then he blinks and turns and says, "Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard," and puts out his hand.

    Daniel blinks at the hand for ten or fifteen seconds before he figures out what it's for, and then he says, "Dr. Daniel Jackson," and shakes. His hands are filthy and scraped, but his grip is tight, and he holds on for a few extra seconds, as if John might disappear if he let go.

  • The Same Boy You've Always Known by danvers. Sam/Rodney. 10/31/2006
    Excerpt: Rodney was watching her and she saw his throat working, swallowing down something. She almost wished he'd say something rude and inappropriate because somehow that would shift the universe back into place. Instead, he reached into the pocket of his jeans and took out a coin. Tossing it in the air, he caught it and slapped it on the back of his other hand.

    "Heads we camp out here, where we have some shelter, tails we take a nice little walk into the non-existent oncoming traffic," Rodney said, lifting his chin towards the road ahead.

    "Tails," Sam said.

    Rodney took his hand away and looked at the coin, snorting when he saw the result. "Probability sucks. Tails it is."

    Sam watched him step past her and slowly walk on ahead, his pallor not going unnoticed by her, or the way he gingerly held his arm around his ribs. She followed, limping on her injured leg, grimacing with every step.

    It was a long road ahead and it there was a probability that it wouldn't get them anywhere. Like a lot of occasions, Rodney was right and Sam was too pissed off to admit it.

  • With A Bottle Of Red by phrentis. Elizabeth/John. PG. 02/17/09
    Excerpt: The shower room is empty, and her footsteps echo.

    She stands under the showerhead wearily, watching as the dust becomes mud that swirls a dirty red across the floor.

    This abandoned town of cement and metal is out of place. It's eerie, and she's glad they're moving on.

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