• "Old Habits"
    (Iron Man movies/Stargate SG-1. Tony/Vala. 3000 words. Posted 12/6/2010)
    Tony hasn't quite got the hang of this superhero thing yet...

  • "I Can Hear Machinery (Blinding me with science)"
    (SG-1/Iron Man movie. PG-13. Sam/Tony Stark. 2700 words. Posted 08/28/2009)
    Five times Tony Stark hit on Sam Carter

  • "Fringe Benefits"
    (Movieverse. Humor. R. Pepper/Tony. 575 words. Posted 04/22/2009)
    "You know, I could have just gotten you flowers."

  • "Wish You Were Here"
    (Movieverse. PG-13. Pepper/Tony. 1560 words. Posted 08/04/2008)
    Way better than a postcard.

  • "And Innocently, Sideways, the Way We Always Fall"
    (Movieverse. PG-13. Pepper/Tony. 1449 words. Posted 07/21/2008)
    Maybe he's a little nostalgic after all.

  • "Man's Best Friend(s)"
    (Movie. Rocky-verse. PG-13. Gen. Pepper. Tony. Rhodey. Crack. 710 words. Posted 07/07/2008)
    This week, on a very special episode of "The Continuing Adventures of Rocky: Iron Dog"...

  • "Short Leash"
    (Movie. Rocky-verse. G. Gen. Pepper. Tony. Crack. 710 words. Posted 06/03/2008)
    Tony's feeling a little left out.

  • "Miscellaneous is Always the Largest Category"
    (Movieverse. G. Gen. Pepper. Tony. 981 words. Posted 05/16/2008)
    Pepper wonders how to classify this on her resume.

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