Let's Not Dwell: A Sam/Jack rec list

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New. 12/26/08
  • A Step Ahead of You by Mrs. Pollifax. Teen. SG-1/SGA. In-canon AU/AT. Angst. Tragedy. Intermittent teeny tiny fluff. added 12/20/2008
  • Conversing with Cliffs by Jojo. PG-13. Romance, Drama. added 12/20/2008
  • DIY by Jojo. PG-13. Futurefic. Sap. added 12/20/2008
  • Far From the Cynics in This Town by Annerb. Teens. Drama, Romance. added 12/21/2008
  • Gravity Always Wins in the End by Annerb. NC-17. H/C. SG-1/SGA. added 12/20/2008
  • It was a Dark and Stormy Night. Suddenly a Jaffa Yelled "Kree!" by Michelle V and Jojo. Parody. added 12/20/2008
  • Kissin' In The Back Row Of The Movies by Pepper. PG. added 12/24/2008
  • Planning Surprise Parties Takes Practice by a. loquita. Teen. Humor. added 12/20/2008
  • The Many Shades of Night by Sharon Nuttycombe. Action/UST. PG-13added 12/20/2008
  • Paperwork by Jojo. G. Humor. UST. added 12/20/2008
  • Pretense by Holdouttrout. UST. added 12/20/2008
  • Tall Guys To Fall by cgb. PG. Pre-Solitudes. added 12/20/2008
  • This Is the Way by Ness. PG. Post-apocalypse. added 12/20/2008
  • Tumbling Down by Abyssis. PG, H/C, mild schmoop, UST. Episode tag for SGA's "Trio". added 12/20/2008
  • Wow by Holdouttrout. added 12/20/2008

  • A Step Ahead of You by Mrs. Pollifax. Teen. SG-1/SGA. In-canon AU/AT. Angst. Tragedy. Intermittent teeny tiny fluff. added 12/20/2008
    Excerpt: It's an equally old response that prompts her to exhale a long, slow, calming breath even as her jaw clenches against the reprimand. In a corner of her mind that's not occupied with being furious, she's glad he stopped her from finishing whatever thought she was stumbling toward; but she can't quite forgive him for his habitual use of that power, or herself for her even more habitual response.

    This is utterly lovely, bittersweet and such an incredibly grown-up and nuanced look at Sam and Jack navigating the maze of years and intimacy and loyalty and love between them. This ranks right up there in my favorite post-SG-1 "Sam and Jack get together" stories.

  • All We Need of Hell by Jennghis Kahn. Two parts (link at bottom). NC-17. Graphic sex, violence, language, suicide, angst. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: The window in the wall across from his cell brings air drenched in the heavy, wet scent of rotting foliage. He's not sure how long he's been here, but it hasn't stopped raining.

    He unclasps the chain of his own dog tags and slides Carter's onto it. They click neatly against his own as he closes the clasp again. He tucks them under his T-shirt where they warm against his chest as he searches the cell, again, for a way out.

    Written for the dark!ficathon, this story details Jack on a downward spiral in the wake of a long captivity and torture. This is a Jack twisted enough by his experience that he justifies taking Sam down with him as his way of loving her.

  • The Calendar by Suzvoy. Character death. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: The hunger in his stomach was bigger than ever: a gaping chasm that desperately wanted something to fill it. He'd have eaten his mattress right then if he'd believed it would help, but he was dimly starting to realise that nothing was ever going to make the hunger go away.


    Jack struggles to cope on the day of Sam's funeral. Suz nails the heart-wrenching bewilderment of Jack processing Sam's death without ever tipping over the edge into maudlin. Jack is blunt and bitter, angry and empty. Great interaction between Jack and Jacob here as two men sharing a common grief, and the theme of Jack's constant hunger as a metaphor for trying to fill the emptiness is painful and perfect.

  • Bird Stealing Bread by Jennghis Kahn. R. Sam/Pete. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: He and Pete didn't talk much about it. Pete helped him build walls and a sturdier roof and a bed to get him up off the ground at night. Jack thought that he and Pete probably had an understanding. It was Pete's reality that needed to be the foundation of their world. That meant Jack was in charge and Sam was his subordinate and there were no untoward feelings getting in the way. Sam slept with Pete at night, and Pete built his furniture and was happily blind.

    For the most part, it worked beautifully.

    The premise - Pete goes off world with Sam and Jack on a mission and they all end up stranded - has badfic written all over it, but this is so far from that. Jenn takes a somewhat unbelievable premise and makes it a awkward, uncomfortable and utterly believable story about three people forced to confront two relationships that never devolves into caricature, cliche or melodrama, as most stories involving these three characters do.

  • Car Trouble by Ari. PG-13. Spoilers: post-"Homecoming", pre "Lost City". 06/25/07
    Excerpt: "My car won't start," she tells him. "Literally." A long time ago, they had a code, and "my car won't start" meant "I want to have sex, preferably immediately," but she doesn't want to get into that now, just wants to get to the SGC and start looking at possible missions for next week, divvying up research for the techs. It's funny, she's lost count of how many months it's been. There was a time when she called every on-world morning, for weeks in a row, to tell him her car wouldn't start. She spent a lot of mornings in the passenger seat of his truck, not talking. She always worried that they'd be so late to work that General Hammond would start to wonder. But he never did. If they went a morning without stolen kisses on exposed snatches of skin, without her quickie, she felt itchy and irritable all day. Now it's been so long she's lost track of the months. Years.

    There's not a lot of Sam and Jack ship out there that really delves into the very real emotional roadblocks both characters have that would work against them in trying to maintain a relationship while working together. Ari does so, giving a very blunt portrayal of the baggage they both carry, and yet not negating the affection and attraction between them.

  • Chaos Theory by nandamai. PG-13. Sam/Other. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: "They're tall." And that? Predictable. Completely.

    "Yeah, thanks for that, Vijay," you'll say. Shit, shit, shit. This is not the way you wanted them to find out. You didn't want them to find out at all.

    First things first, just go read everything of nanda's. She is hands-down the best Sam/Jack writer out there. One of her hallmarks is her ability to write Sam and Jack as realistic people, actual grown adults who have this thing between, but aren't consumed by it, as awkward as it sometimes gets. People who in fact had and have lives and relationships that don't include each other. Here she brings in a (likeable and well-fleshed-out) OC male friend-with-benefits of Sam's from grad school, and Jack finds out about them. And there's none of the melodramatic childish jealousy or out-of-proportion unrealistic expectations of broken commitments that would usually follow this scenario in most S/J fic. An utterly refreshing and sweet story with fantastic Sam characterization.

  • Chronology by A.j. PG. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: Samantha Carter is kissing him on his deck at his cabin, their fingers in each other's hair.

    "My father and I built this deck." He'd told her under the bright dark sky, breathing deep the smell of green and water and her. It felt right, and good to say. Something of himself that he'd never given anyone else. Not freely.

    This is really more of a story about Jack and the cabin, and the history of it, the life he lived before the SGC, but it lays a lot of groundwork for the Jack we know and love, and the Jack that Sam know. An utterly wonderful, wistful piece. One of my absolute favorites.

  • Contrast and Compare by Suzvoy. Future. Humor. R. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: Jack was amused, embarrassed and hoped to God Carter (he wasn't quite used to 'Sam' yet) had pulled her skirt back down. "Hello officer."

    "Hello..." He greeted, apparently searching for what to say. "...son." Son? He had to be at least fifteen years Jack's junior. He cleared his throat. "Can I see your drivers license?"

    Hilariously sweet first time date fic.

  • Conversing with Cliffs by Jojo. PG-13. Romance, Drama. added 12/20/2008
    Excerpt: "Hey, at least I've slept with him."

    Sam smiled through her wince. "There is that. But does that make it better or not?"

    "Not really. Sometimes," she giggled, "though, when I look at him, I have flashes of him naked. He looks really funny holding his gun naked, I can tell you."

    A very nice look at Sam contemplating the complications of a relationship with Jack through a remarkably adult and blunt conversation about the messiness of relationships in their line of work with an OC colleague. I really liked seeing Sam having this conversation with someone that's not a regular character on the show, and yet it still being solidly in character.

  • DIY by Jojo. PG-13. Futurefic. Established relationship. Sap. added 12/20/2008
    Excerpt: He was so smooth. Now - he had to decide whether to be all knowing or completely oblivious. It was a toss-up as to which would give him more entertainment. "Really? Why?"

    All Daniel wants to do is build his damn shelf, and yet he ends up refereeing the Sam and Jack show. Most S/J fic with Daniel in this position use Daniel solely as a shoehorn to get Sam and Jack together, but Jojo keeps Daniel as Daniel, and gives us a great, affectionate glimpse of Sam and Jack, both metaphorically and literally, through his eyes.

  • Dragging Anchor by Jennghis Kahn. PG-13. Angst. Humor. Implied Sam/Cameron. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: He sits in Carter's kitchen as she slices vegetables. Through the window he can see Daniel and Vala bickering over the burgers on the grill, yanking the spatula out of each other's hands. Beyond them, Teal'c and Mitchell are playing catch with a football. Teal'c is loose and relaxed and smiling. Cameron sends a taunt his way, and Teal'c throws the ball like a bullet, nearly knocking Cameron on his ass when he catches it. Cam groans good-naturedly, and Teal'c smirks.

    "It's good to have you back, sir, even if it's just for a day," Sam tells him. And he's irritated by the 'sir'. Unreasonably, because he's the one who insisted on that in the first place. Reap what you sow, asshole.

    A perfectly in-character Jack, harsh, angry finding himself on the sidelines of a new SG-1 and Carter's life in S10.

  • Even After the Thrill of Living is Gone by Indie. PG-13. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: Over the last three hours, the reality of the situation finally started sinking into Sam's consciousness. There was a cold, growing dread in the pit of her stomach. They were stuck. This wasn't something she could logic her way out of. A naquadah reactor, Asgard technology, hell even the stargate itself were all absolutely useless. She felt shamed as she remembered only a few short days ago that she urged him to embrace the opportunity. It didn't look so much like an opportunity now. It looked like a prison sentence.

    After Fragile Balance, the mini SG-1 genre exploded all over parts of fandom, and the Sam/Jack crowd took to it with particular glee, having been handed a ticket to avoid the regs. Indie, however, tells a story that's not a free pass to free love, but a rough, harsh breakdown of how two adults with a universe of baggage each would cope with having to start all over as kids, while negotiating the relationship they never thought they'd be allowed to have.

  • Fairytales by Karen T. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: And sometimes, when she would be working late in her lab, her eyelids weighed down with fatigue despite how flushed with anticipation her cheeks would be, Sam would sit up in her chair, arch her back to realign her spine, and allow her thoughts to wander circuitously to the could-have-beens. She would smile at these possibilities that had never played themselves out, and then chuckle as her eyes grew moist.

    She would drive to her local animal shelter and adopt herself a dog.

    My first response on reading this was to jump on a plane, find Karen, and slobber all over her. It is fabulous, and firmly resides in my top five favorite stories in this fandom. Karen gives us two what-if futures for Sam and Jack that aren't happy endings, but are filled with love and affection and wonderfully detailed and spot-on characterization, and a present that reminds us that the happy ending starts way before any end.

  • Far From the Cynics in This Town by Annerb. Teens. Drama, Romance. added 12/21/2008
    Excerpt: It's strange, how much she seems in her element in this bizarre place, completely relaxed in a way he hasn't seen, well, ever, if he really thinks about it. He almost feels like he's getting a secret glimpse of a part of her life he's never been privy to.

    I have a real thing for early established relationship fic with Sam and Jack navigating their relationship when those fics skip the hearts and flowers romance and really delve into the awkwardness and complexities of them shifting from their old power dynamic CO/Second to the whole new world of Jack and Sam trying to learn about each other in this new context, along with all their attendant personal baggage. Annerb does a great job of this, allowing the characters to be loving and yet still individuals with issues and foibles that complicate everything they do.

  • Fireflies by Alli Snow. Angst. Character Death.06/25/07
    Excerpt: Daniel didn't answer her. In fact, nothing answered her. There was a distinct lack of a reply of any kind, even when she asked, "Hello?", even when she checked to make sure the phone had turned on when she'd picked it up.

    "Hello?" she asked again.

    The phone clicked. Clicked. Clicked. Over and over again, like someone was tapping on the other end of the line, but more mechanical than that. The sound sent an unexpected chill through Sam.

    A bittersweet too-late relationship between Sam and Jack, wrapped up in a tense and well-paced supernatural-tinged action-adventure story.

  • Folding a Map by nandamai. Soft R. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: Jack's fifty-three now. He was alone for ten years before Carter, and he's the luckiest guy on the planet. Why is his priority still 1,500 miles away from his luck?

    Another fabulous "navigating the relationship" story. Here nanda focuses on Sam and Jack working to navigate and nurture a relationship complicated by both their jobs. It's a wonderfully loving story, not avoiding and even relishing the hard questions and complications both of them would face.

  • Forfeit by Genie East. PG-13. Character Death.06/25/07
    Excerpt: It's not that he doesn't want to remember her. She deserves this time and so does her family. It's just that he doesn't want the memory of this in his house. Still, he knows that there's nowhere else he'd have wanted to hold it, and he's a little pissed because he's damned either way.

    This is a heartbreaking look at how SG-1 would handle the loss of one of its own, with a subtle yet clear emphasis on Sam and Jack's relationship. Genie paints a compelling picture with the details of the characters' grief and the way they stumble through it and struggle to communicate with each other. There is nothing easy or romanticized about the aftermath. Genie gives the characters very human responses, and does not tie it up in a neat package. Outstanding.

  • Gravity Always Wins in the End by Annerb. NC-17. H/C. SG-1/SGA. (link is to part 5. Part 1 is linked on that page) added 12/20/2008
    Excerpt: Hank Landry has always known this moment would come since Sam Carter first signed on as Atlantis' new expedition leader. It was pretty much inevitable. Granted, Jack has shown a laudable amount of restraint for the first six months of her tenure, no matter how colorful the mission reports that filtered back through the SGC became. This latest escapade in the Pegasus Galaxy, however, appears to have been the final fatal testing of Jack's self control.

    Excellent hurt/comfort with beautiful characterization of both Sam and Jack and Jack struggles with not being the one in charge, and being the one who has to sit on the sidelines and wait.

  • Hold Your Tongue There's Too Much to Say by Karen T. Spoilers: Everything up through Threads. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: She's so tired of his words.

    Karen tackles the conversations between Sam and Jack that never happen, jumping through the series in poignant bit-sized moments of the things they never manage or want to say to each other. Deft, subtle, and very telling in what isn't said.

  • Home Economics by Little Red. PG-13.06/25/07
    Excerpt: As far as the kitchen went, he'd expected her to take issue with the fridge, maybe, or at least want to collect samples of some of the stuff hiding in jars in the back for analysis, but the only thing she complained about was the toaster.

    "It's too slow," she explained when he asked her one morning why she was making threatening faces at it.

    Gleefully indulgent established relationship fluff.

  • It was a Dark and Stormy Night. Suddenly a Jaffa Yelled "Kree!" by Michelle V and Jojo. Parody. added 12/20/2008
    Excerpt: "Holy Hannah, Jack, that was so beautiful. More beautiful than my naquadah reactor, more beautiful than any number of my extremely complex mathematical astrophysics equations. And now... for the hot monkey love! Where do you want to start?"

    "Well, the Prez requested the briefing room table."

    Classic parody. Jojo and Michelle take lovingly take down every fanon cliché that they can, with a heavy Sam/Jack bent. Absolutely don't-drink-while-reading hilarious.

  • Jack's Spooktastic Adventure by Annerb. Humor. Crack. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: Intergalactic space hero or not, Jack O'Neill began to scream like a little girl.

    Glorious, hilarious holiday crackfic that hits all the best Sam/Jack clichés with affectionate mockery.

  • Kissin' In The Back Row Of The Movies by Pepper. PG. added 12/24/2008
    Excerpt: But the peculiar anonymity and intimacy of the back seat of the movies, the smell of popcorn in the air, the screen-light confusing more than it illuminated - it held a very special, very personal magic that felt every bit as sparkling and vivid and inexplicable as it had, all those years ago, when he'd been about to kiss a girl for the very first time.

    Okay, this was totally written at my request, and that caveat aside, Pepper delivered exactly what I wanted: sweet, squeeful S9/S10 established relationship adorableness.

  • Light to Dark, Dark to Light by cgb. R. Angst, future fic. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: Little is said because at this stage there isn't much to say. No one guessed it would end this way. He always thought they would go out in a blaze, comets burning up in the atmosphere.

    A bittersweet possible future, when they no longer have the SCG, and try to make do with each other.

  • The Many Shades of Night by Sharon Nuttycombe. Action/UST. PG-13added 12/20/2008
    Excerpt: She sensed rather than saw him shake his head. "No good. The bugs were all heading for it. I told Teal'c to go through and shut the iris." He glanced back over his shoulder, tightening his grip on her jacket. "And now they're heading for us. Can you run a little faster, Carter? I think they're gaining."

    A well-paced, gripping action adventure mission-gone-wrong, with a satisfying dollop of UST.

  • Math For Dummies by Karen T. Spoilers: Chimera. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: You meet his eyes and force yourself not to grimace. "We're getting much better at these awkward conversations, sir."

    I adore stories where Sam and Jack are actual adults about Sam's relationship with Pete. Sadly, with rare exceptions like this one, they are few and far between.

  • May by Jennghis Kahn. G. Angsty Fluff.06/25/07
    Excerpt: It's still early when they break up the party. Daniel gives her a long hug and whispers 'happy birthday' in her ear. She smiles and means it because it's Daniel and she can never not mean it around him. Teal'c hugs her too, and she's favored with a smile and a nod. Jack squeezes her shoulder and makes sure he's the proper distance away from her.

    A Sam and Jack where the UST is overshadowed by quiet affection, comfort and friendship. Atmospheric, fantastic characterization.

  • The Mixer by Michelle V. PG. Humor. Established relationship. Spoilers: Redemption II. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: But they knew him by sight, which meant that most of the little geeks, sorry, esteemed colleagues, had a tendency to disappear whenever he came around. Probably had to do with the "incident" last fall where one of them had actually called him Mr. Carter.

    A sweet and hilarious moment where Jack has to deal with being on Sam's turf.

  • None Such in Paradise by nandamai. PG-13. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: Sam closed her eyes. God, this poor woman. Poor Jack. When she looked again, she instinctively reached for Sara's hand and held tight. "I don't think it's wrong to be thankful," she said.

    Sweet, wistful, comfortable established relationship where Sam and Jack navigate their first Christmas together and the ghosts of Jack's old life with Charlie and Sara. A perfect picture of an incredibly adult and loving relationship between Sam and Jack.

  • Once in a Lifetime by Michelle V. PG-13. Angst. Spoilers: 2010 06/25/07
    Excerpt: Her hands went to the back of his head, her fingers pulling at his hair. Pulling him towards her as much as he was pulling her towards him. Her mind flooding with the overwhelming desire to somehow hold on to this - and make herself remember.

    An AU for 2010 where Sam and Jack ended up together, happily ever after, but then they have to unravel it all to save the world again.

  • Out of Context by Annerb. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: Sam just can't imagine Jack O'Neill living here. Logically she knows this is the apartment he was set up with, probably a nice, pre-furnished place worthy of his position. But everything about it is just so wrong and she can't escape the fact that this is just part of his new life. The one he chose.

    Sam struggling with what happens next after Jack goes to Washington. Wonderful and realistic frustration on Sam's part as she copes with this change to the familiar and comfortable status quo and tries to figure out if and how she and Jack would fit each other into their lives.

  • Paperwork by Jojo. G. Humor. UST. added 12/20/2008
    Excerpt: Daniel rolled his eyes, but noticed Sam smiling slightly into her food. Did she do that frequently? Be amused by his perfectly ridiculous jokes? Not that it was a sign of love, of course, it was just that Daniel had never really noticed before. But if they had the same sense of humor...

    It's funny how two of my favorite Jojo Sam/Jack fics are from Daniel's POV. Probably because Jojo writes them through Daniel's lens without making Daniel into their matchmaker or cheerleader, but by using Daniel's skills in observing people to tell the story. Paperwork is a glimpse at what might be in the wake of "There But for the Grace of God" as Daniel tries to resolve the idea of a universe where Sam and Jack were engaged with his Sam and Jack.

  • Planning Surprise Parties Takes Practice by a. loquita. Teen. Humor. added 12/20/2008
    Excerpt: "Carter," Jack started, following along after her, but the remainder of his suave apology died shortly after he opened his mouth. It was going to be suave. Very. Once he came up with it.

    Features Jack Carter from Eureka, but it's more a hilarious and oddly sweet Sam and Jack established relationship story. Her characterization of both of them individually and as a couple was spot-on.

  • Pretense by Holdouttrout. UST. added 12/20/2008
    Excerpt: She was slightly comforted with the knowledge that it had been Daniel's suggestion--a joke about her lack of cooking prowess that had turned into a dare--, but it was probably fruitless to point fingers. After all, Daniel wasn't the one in a kitchen with a barefoot Jack O'Neill, cooking spaghetti for a team night that, so far, was seriously lacking in the team department.

    Now this is how you write the "Sam can't cook" cliché.

  • Resolution (NC-17), Salvage (NC-17), and The Furies Wept (PG-13) by nandamai. 06/25/07
    From a bittersweet error in judgment to a grand action-adventure, these three stories take the clichéd drunken one-night-stand and spins out the consequences and fallout into a fantastically detailed and realistic vision of Sam and Jack's future.

  • Sense Of by Ness. PG. Angst. Violence. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: It's her opinion that SG1 has always had dangerous levels of co-dependency; this is just Sam and O'Neill possibly taking that dependency to a fun-filled and exciting new level. She resists, however, the temptation to actually SAY that.

    Memo to self: in free time, find cure for sarcasm.

    A heart-rending "mission gone wrong" story that leaves Sam and Jack forever intertwined and terribly damaged. Wonderful Janet POV as she tried to unravel what has happened. Very dark, but a very worthwhile read.

  • The Shaft by nandamai. PG-13.06/25/07
    Excerpt: The chess match seemed to be over. She had no idea where they'd left off, anyway. "So," she said, trying to come up with a distraction before she gave in and licked his neck, "how do you feel about the proposal to move the archaeology labs up to 17?"

    Some classic alien-influence UST, heavy on delightfully snarky sniping and blissfully lacking in the usual saccharine twee that accompanies the "trapped in a very small pit" scenario.

  • String Theory by Annerb. AU. Action/Adventure, Drama, Angst. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: The comment catches Jack completely off guard, something snapping and his fist slams against the top of his desk before he's even aware of the impulse. He stares at the offending hand, feeling the throb of pain through the pulse of pure rage.

    "Daniel," he forces through his clenched jaw, "you want to leave this office right now."

    The soft click of the door is Jack's cue that Daniel has taken his advice. Blissfully alone once again, he is left with Sam's discarded box of secrets and Daniel's words ringing in his ears.

    He wishes to hell he didn't have either.

    Fantastic AU that follows the series as if Sam were a civilian scientist, and not military, and builds her relationship with Jack slowly and convincingly. Written as a string of connected vignettes, it's long, incredibly well-plotted and very satisfying

  • Tall Guys To Fall by cgb. PG. Pre-Solitudes. added 12/20/2008
    Excerpt: "Carter…" For a moment he sounds like he might admonish her, but instead he makes a gesture with the T-shirt in his hand. "Carter, can we have this conversation when I've got clothes on."

    Early SG-1 and Sam and Jack finding their footing in the world and with each other.

  • This Is the Way by cgb. PG-13. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: Like all good stories, it starts at the beginning, and it's by no fault of her own because she's trying hard not to be the kind of woman that begins stories like that.

    Sam coming to terms with the realities of her feelings for Jack.

  • This Is the Way by Ness. PG. Post-apocalypse. added 12/20/2008
    Excerpt: He shrugs. "It's just pie, Carter," he says, with an exasperated tone that he knows she won't buy for a minute.

    Deliciously understated S/J in the aftermath of the end of the world.

  • Timing by Suzvoy. Future. Humor. Spoilers: 'Divide and Conquer' and 'Nightwalkers'06/25/07
    Excerpt: So yeah, she'd expected to see him again - somehow, somewhere.

    She just hadn't expected it to be while she was buying an extension cord.

    Wonderful happy ending missed-opportunity story.

  • Tumbling Down by Abyssis. PG, H/C, mild schmoop, UST. Episode tag for SGA's "Trio". added 12/20/2008
    Excerpt: "You're cooking?" Sam sinks back into the water, letting the heat suck out the lingering bits of adrenaline. "Did you take the battery out of the smoke alarm first?"

    He's silent for half a second before asking again, with the tone of voice that is supposed to sound irritated by really isn't. "Cheese?"

    Despite her claims she just can't write shippy Sam/Jack , Abyssis does get that the best way to portray them is through what they don't say, rather than what they do, and succeeds rather admirably, IMO.

  • Turn and Face the Strain by sypx. Two parts (part 2 linked at bottom of Part 1)06/25/07
    Excerpt: He was wet, too wet to have just come from the curb and she wondered how long he'd been out there. How many laps he'd taken around her block before coming to her front door. She expected him to barge in and demand answers but he stood on her porch looking tired and uncomfortable instead.

    She blamed the rain for washing the belligerence out of him.

    Accidental pregnancy stories are a dime a dozen in Sam/Jack fandom, and the majority are played for the romance and happy ending factor. This one takes the cliche, right down to the standard structure of events, but emphasizes all the messy, awkward and destructive parts that the others gloss right over or outright ignore.

  • Unspoken by Elly. NC-17. Angst. SPOILERS: The Fifth Race. The Jolinar arc, Death Knell, speculation for Lost City 1 & 206/25/07
    Excerpt: "Carter . . ." nearly only an exhalation, and she wonders if it's wrong to hope that her name will be one of the last words to go.

    One of my big narrative kinks in Sam/Jack fic is writers who get that you can only really tell their story through what isn't said between them. Elly takes this to the extreme in the face of the spoilers that came out for Lost City before it aired.

  • Untitled by Tammy. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: "Ah!" Jack leaned toward her. "Let me provide you with my Theory of Everything."

    Short but sweet moment of establish relationship bliss, with some science and some implied sex.

  • Unusual Skill by HC-56. NC-17.06/25/07
    Excerpt: "Very funny, Samantha. Your mother would be proud of you, by the way," Jacob had said, nodding his head at her position before he disappeared. A little disconcerting, but hey, she was dreaming and so she let it go and looked down again and said -

    "Jack, lick a little harder baby. Mmm, yeah."

    Detailed, surrealistic, humorous imagery. Sam thinking a little too much about how she and Jack fit together, even in her sleep.

  • With None Believing by Claira. R. Angst. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: The next day, she tucks the folder neatly inside her other notes so not one part of the bright red is showing, and takes it home. Leaves it lying on the counter and stares at it as she pours two shots of tequila into her orange juice.

    An utter gut-punch example of how assumptions based on the fear of the conversations that need to take place can lead to it being too late to have them.

  • A White Dove by Jemima Pereira. 06/25/07
    Excerpt: "Lovely." He'd lost his appetite somewhere in the middle of this conversation. "You know I'd do anything for you, Carter, if you were real."

    A twisting-turning AU apocalypse-in-progress, with subtle S/J woven throughout a number of quantum mirror worlds and Jack's own internal world.

  • Wow by Holdouttrout. added 12/20/2008
    Excerpt: "Carter," he sighed softly, running his fingers through his hair. Sam noticed his actions effectively destroyed the "I've-just-been-making-out-with-my-2IC" evidence. "I don't know what's going to get me first--the alien influence or you."

    Aliens made them smooch. Adorable.

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