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Moments of Adoration: stargate sg-1 fanfiction
Just Stick to the Cards: iron man movieverse fanfiction
The Kitchen Sink: miscellaneous fanfiction
Fic Kit: fanfic writing toolkit

sg-1 debrief: stargate sg-1 livejournal newsletter
carnival of squee: stargate sg-1 squee, all the time
sam carter gen: stargate sg-1 biweekly challenge community
sg1 podfic: stargate sg-1 podfic community

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Multipass: multifandom recs
Three's Company: stargate sg-1 sam/jack/daniel recs
Earth-shattering Kaboom: stargate apocalyptic recs
Smarter Than You: stargate sg-1 sam carter gen recs
Let's Not Dwell: stargate sg-1 sam/jack recs

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Livejournal: silliness
Nerdgirl and the Neutron-Powered Samurai: meta

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The Shallow End: graphics
Moving Pictures: vids
Rolling the Bones: gaming

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